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How do I love you? Let me count the ways…..

February 14, 2011

Saarinen, how do I love you let me count the ways……..

1. Crisp, Clean and Classic– white laminate top, white base…60″diameter and ready to seat six?

2.  Rich and warm with a wood top?  Pearwood, Rosewood, Ebonized many choices, so much to love.

3.  As a chameleon with elegant beauty able to mix into any home with any chair anytime?

4.  Small, smart and hip– great as a breakfast, game or occasional table?


5.  Oval?  Ohhhhhhh yes an Oval that is 78″ or 96″ and can easily solve the problem of wanting to sit eight.

6.  On sale?   Knoll Classics Sale February 28th – March 3rd at SR Hughes

It’s definitely love this Valentine’s Day.

Art for the Heart

February 12, 2010

Why not give a little art from the heart to your valentine?  There are plenty of great ways to do it.  One idea is Kokoro — a beautiful light sculpture from Ingo Maurer — the world-renowned wizard of light.  You can check out Kokoro and many other of Ingo’s ideas right in our showroom.  Another way is to check out his one man show from the Cooper Hewitt museum.  The catalog from the show is a book full of great photos and a series of interviews of Maurer which buoy the spirit of any person with a creative bone in his or her body.  Enjoy the scuplture simply for its warmth, its sense of humor, its beauty.  Dig deeper and read more about the story behind the MaMO Nouchies series of lights and the spirit which compels the artist.  Whatever you give your loved one this Valentine’s Day … give joyously and lovingly from your heart … and you’ll be right on the mark.

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