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The Art of Relaxation

December 13, 2013


Darshan Phillips and his crew built this suspended sculpture in our showroom for our new window display.

We have this idea that at our best we can show people the art of furniture, lighting, rugs … that we can help them see something beyond what they imagined as a way to live in and use a home, office, or outdoor space.  So we asked Darshan how we might show people that idea with 4 individual chairs.  I thought this could be a challenge because not many people imagine something artful if you give them the word “recliner” as a beginning.

He came up with several ideas, but the one we thought was a no brainer was to build this suspended artwork in our store.  I have to say, we were stunned by the result.  It looks as if Darshan took a snapshot just as someone tore the wrapping off of a giant box and threw the glittering gold wrapping into the air exposing the gifts below.

We believe Cassina, Poltrona Frau, and B&B Italia have taken original ideas and translated them with the best materials and highest craftsmanship into 4 beautiful recliners … proof positive that there is an art to relaxation.

Click on the image above to see how the crew worked for several straight days to create this amazing floating piece of art and catch a glimpse of how to recline in style.  Then, come by the showroom to take a test drive and see it all in person.

Gifts Galore @ SR Hughes

November 23, 2011

Looking for unique Christmas gifts this holiday season?

Rina Menardi’s ceramics are deeply influenced by sculpture and art.  Each piece is personal and therefore deliberately irregular.

Drop by SR Hughes this holiday season to browse Rina Menardi and other fabulous gift ideas.

Hours: Tues-Sat 10:30-5:30
Center 1 | 3410 S. Peoria | Ste. 100 | Tulsa, OK | P: 918.742.5515 | F: 918.747.1617

Layering Made Easy

May 14, 2011

Selecting fabulous furnishings and fabrics is easy… it’s the layering of accessories and sculptures which finishes a room and gives designers their claim to fame. 

If you look at some of the top designers; Vicente Wolf, Victoria Hagan, Mary McDonald, and the like, their foundation pieces are quite simple.  Okay, they’re pretty fabulous too… but it’s all in the details that really makes the space come alive.  A very simple way to give interest to a room is to add an organic element to the space; a twisted root, primitive wood made into sculpture, or even a beautiful branch from your garden. 

Take it from the pros, this tip can take your room from ordinary to extraordinary!

Sitting Sculpture

February 22, 2011

When choosing a chair, why not consider a piece of sculpture?

Bertoia Sculptures

Impractical?  Not when you consider the inspiration.  None of the above sculptures were intended to function as chairs.  Rather, Harry Bertoia drew on this sculptural talent when he designed a series of iconic chairs for Knoll in the 1950’s.

Bertoia Chairs for Knoll

Aha!  A sculptor’s art yields seating function!

“I appreciate a slight yield, lightness of weight, some motion if possible, because in moving about, the human body determines… the comfort and the measurements of its environment… there are certain motions we go through – we like to lean back, like to toss things – and if the chair’s adaptable it responds and it’s almost like wearing a comfortable coat; you really don’t know you have it on.” – Harry Bertoia

This innovative classic allows you to add functional art to your indoor or outdoor space.  You choose:  keep it plain to accentuate the form, add padding to the seat or back to enhance your comfort, even add a Rislan coating to the wire for color or so that you may use it outdoors!

It bears mentioning that only Knoll manufactures Bertoia by license.  Be aware, there are cheap imitations everywhere!  Why should you know the difference? So that you can make an informed selection.

Only the chairs produced by Knoll are faithful to the original design.  In fact, you can find early Knoll Bertoias that are over 50 years old, have stood up to daily use, and still are in great condition!  These vintage originals are prized and often command a price higher than the buyer originally paid.

Unlike cheap knockoffs, the Knoll welds are expertly clean.  The stock is not too thick, nor does Knoll need to run two pieces of wire around the outer frame to make the chair strong enough (a common and disgusting offense to the fluidity of the chair’s single sinuous wire design).  I mean, come on … Bertoia was a sculptor after all (Tulsa has its own Bertoia sculpture, do you know where?).  Just look at a few of his sonambulent sculptures.

Proper wire gauge is as important to making these beauties sing as it is to forming a chair-as-sculpture — let’s just agree to trust Harry on this.

At the end, Knoll Bertoias are of the highest quality and are true to the beauty of the sculptor’s original intent so that they please your eye, add a spark to your home, and stand the test of time … the best measure of value!

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