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Give Thanks … For Kelvin on Sale!

November 20, 2011

Address the task at hand … for all of those on your list who need a little well-placed light … a little crisp, clean style … a warm, efficient companion at bedside or on the desktop …

May we suggest you introduce them to Kelvin LED from Flos?

Oh, and get it while it’s hot … special pricing over Thanksgiving weekend only … at SR Hughes.

Zeppelin and Friends

May 28, 2011

SR Hughes decided to have a HOT SUMMER TENT SALE and I am in it!!

I am Zeppelin — a classic chandelier made with spun resin and transparent candles.

June 3-4-5 you can see me and many other illuminating finds under the tent at SR HUGHES in Center 1. 3410 South Peoria #100. Tulsa, OK.


Kelvin Has All the Answers

April 4, 2011

I was working at my desk late one evening…

when I began dreaming of a better desk lamp … something I could position easily over my workspace that would not give off much heat or glare. Something efficient that will do its job quietly and without eating up too much energy.

I wanted it to be easy to turn off and on. Dimmable please…

…and with the right mount, I could use it bedside or clipped many surfaces in my home or office.

Wait, I changed my mind.  I want it floor standing so that I can read while I watch TV …

Oh, and I’d rather not hassle with replacing the light bulb … ever.

Sound like alot to ask?  Well, we can assure you, Kelvin has all the answers.  Now until Oct 15th, 2012 save 20% on this little bit of lighting genius from our friends at Flos.

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