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Analyzing the Couch

March 1, 2013


When choosing a new sofa, what matters to you?  Click the photo above of Poltrona Frau’s John John sofa above to read what one New York Times writer has to say about it.  Then, if you’d like to investigate more, pop into the SR Hughes showroom and we’ll show you how Poltrona Frau 100-year history adds beauty, comfort, and value to your life.

NY Times T Mag: A Fine Mess

December 15, 2012


Check out this recent photo shoot in designer Julia Muggenburg’s London townhouse.  Who says you have to pare back your style to include Modern or contemporary furniture?  In fact, the wild layering of Julia’s place feels more at home to me.  In fact, a Barcelona chair or daybed seem right at home here.  A powder blue LC or Cappellini’s Proust chair … art of course!  Click the photo to take a tour of this wonderful space, crack a smile, and imagine what it would be like to live here.

New Classics

August 30, 2012

Get a handle on what will survive the test of style now and in the future.  The New York Times interviewed several contemporary furniture experts asking what designs produced since 2000 would still be on the style radar in 2050?  Several answers are available right here at SR Hughes

Pictured top down are Kartell’s Ghost chair and Bourgie lamp, B&B Italia’s Metropolitan Chair, and Tom Dixon’s Beat Lights.  We invite you to stop in and find all of these NY Times picks, or choose from hundreds of other innovative ideas to find your own future classic.

Bright Ideas

April 14, 2012

This little ditty from your friends at NY Times T Magazine is fertilizer for your brain to guarantee a spring-y spring!  The right light is so often overlooked, but it’s as important as good soil to a beautiful garden. The key to making your space sing!

One thing your friends at T Mag didn’t know … Roll & Hill, Foscarini, and Kartell are only three of the dozen lighting brands available at SR Hughes.  Right here in little ‘ol Oklahoma!

When you have the help of the world’s best lighting designers behind you … it’s one of the easiest decisions to make.

For a fresh perspective on how to make your garden glow (yes, there are plenty of outdoor lights too), stop into our Tulsa showroom at Center 1, 35th & Peoria.

Office Space

March 24, 2012

“Daylight, lots of it, is indispensable. Chance encounters yield creative energy. And mobility is essential.”

Designing space, whether for work or home, and considering how it affects you … seems to me a necessary part of the approach.  I loved this recent New York Times article partly for the beautiful visuals from the Gates Foundation in Seattle, but also because of the ideas behind why they chose to build what they did … for the people who inhabit it.

Whether you’re changing the furniture arrangement in your living room, adding a desk lamp in your office, or building clean from the ground up … consider how rooms and architecture affect mood and creativity.

Get Out There!

November 17, 2011

One of my favorite travel resources is the 36 Hours series published in the New York Times Travel section.  I love to get out, roam about, see what’s shakin’ … listen to how people talk, try a little of their favorite foods, check out the local flavor.  I think most people have a little of the adventure in their DNA, right?  No surprise then that Taschen’s 36 Hours:  150 Weekends in the USA & Canada is one of my favorite gift ideas this holiday season!  It’s just been released, so don’t fret … he/she doesn’t have it yet…

Stumped about where to spend a quick couple of days … flip this fabric covered book open to the map:

Pick an area nearby, select the region that falls within the area covered by your Southwest Airlines credit, or close your eyes and point.  Now, turn to that portion of the book (neatly separated by color code and colored ribbon bookmark for that section):

Follow Times illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli’s graphics to the spots you might want to investigate (Oh look! 2 dude-like figures hanging out in Provincetown or maybe  Fallingwater over there in the Laurel Highlands).  From “the great urban centers on everyone’s travel list to surprising locales with undiscovered character and charm,”  it’s all here.  Skip to the emblem for Harvard (just to the right of those Red Sox) and check out the section on Cambridge, MA…

The book, like the Times column, shows you what you need to know to have a great weekend anywhere in North America.  Columns originally written by all sorts contributors have been updated by former Times Travel editor Barbara Ireland, so everything is hot off the press.

For yourself or anyone with very little moss on their stone … this is a perfect way to give the gift of adventure!  A mere $39.99 and it’s done!

Now departing at the gift department in SR Hughes ….

LC: Made to Order

October 14, 2011

We go for men who go for bespoke. And, really, Corbusier‘s LC3 lounge chair makes just about anyone look runway ready (sorry dude). When you need a little classic to provide a solid foundation for your sense of style, Corbu is great place to begin.

The entire Corbusier collection from Cassina is made to order.  You choose feather or poly fill, frame color, and upholstery from hundreds of fabrics and leathers.

Now through Oct 16th, enjoy 15% off the entire Corbusier collection from Cassina.  Indoors, outdoors, classic modern style.  Pop into SR Hughes and we’ll help you build your own classic.

Ingo Maurer: Super Natural!

October 5, 2011

Did you read the New York Times this weekend?  The amazing wizard of lighting design, Ingo Maurer, had a fantastic project published there!  This kind of artistry is exactly why we feel honored to represent Ingo here in little ‘ol Oklahoma.  Click the photo below to view a slide show of this fantastic light sculpture and read more about it.

Though amazing commissioned projects play a key note in Ingo Maurer’s repertoire, one needn’t live in an 19th Century home with its own private cathedral to own a piece of his light-artwork.  Production pieces start at $175 … visit the SR Hughes showroom (Center 1 in Tulsa) to find out more!

Traditional Architecture, Innovative Interior

May 18, 2011

Okay … around here, we call my blog beat “product.”  However, what it’s really about is putting up solutions to the challenges people face when they design their spaces.  At SR Hughes, it’s all about helping people inhabit their home, office, garden … with a unique energy.  Does the space make you feel good?  Does it function the way you want it to?  Does it uniquely reflect you?

When I meet people in the showroom, I often hear them respond to what they see with excitement … they identify a positive energy from what they’re seeing … that its contemporary, but different.  I love that — I feel lucky that we make that positive emotional connection with people!

Even with the positive reaction, I know people may struggle a bit to imagine things they see in a different context.  I understand that … whether a professional or amateur … I think that only becomes easier with practice.  One thing I can offer … it’s a favorite quote from Jens Risom

“Good design means that anything good will go well with other equally good things – contemporary or traditional.”

If one hasn’t experimented with Risom’s idea yet, she could easily fall into the trap of thinking that her traditional home by rote requires a traditional interior.  That dogma is fading, thank goodness!  We invite you to look and live forward.  Travel, experiment, and see past the usual.  The “shrinking” of the world via electronics and affordable airfare is making that easier!

This is a fantastic photo shoot from the New York Times of a 14th Century castle re-inhabited.  I think the photos do more than any of my philosophising could ever do.  Take the tour by clicking the photo below (It’ll lead you to a fantastic slide show of the castle on the NY Times website).  Dream a little! 

And by the way … if you need  a little help with a chair, a lamp, or chaise … SR Hughes represents several companies who make products shown in the shoot!

T Magazine: Women Chart the Trajectory of Knoll Textiles

May 7, 2011

Why would you think less of what’s upholstering your chair than what’s upholstering your person?

“Knoll Textiles, 1945-2010,” at the Bard Graduate Center in Manhattan from May 18 to July 31, flips the story line on the brand’s famous chairs (Womb, Tulip, Diamond, Platner) by focusing on the fabrics rather than the frames.”

The story also points to the strong role women played in changing the aesthetics of upholstery in contemporary design.  This tradition continues to this day at Knoll Textiles under the direction of Dorothy Cosonas.  These days fashion labels (Proenza Schouler, Rodarte) inform aesthetics.  The result is ground-breaking movement forward in design keeping the right question at the top of the discussion:  Why would you think less of what’s upholstering your chair than what’s upholstering your person?

Click the photo above to read the complete article.

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