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Lyrical Details

September 4, 2011

These days we’re too often in a hurry, pulled in too many different directions, to stop.  Take notice.
What looks like a chair, is of course a chair.

But take a moment.  The craftsmanship is perfect, down to the last detail.  There are those who would settle for nothing less.

Good art makes you stop, consider, take note.  This is a gift.

Artistry does exist in furnishing.

Lyra chair, first produced in 1935 by Poltrona Frau.  Available today only at SR Hughes.  Slow down, stop in, take notice.

Save During Our Spring Poltrona Frau Sale

February 25, 2011

From Italy to Tulsa: Poltrona Frau is the Best of Leather

January 23, 2010

It was a busy day here at the showroom receiving the newly selected pieces from Poltrona Frau, world-renowned for their leather goods and quality of craftsmanship. Maserati, Ferrari, and Bugatti – these are the names most commonly associated with Poltrona Frau leather. Yep, it’s the masters at Poltrona Frau that are responsible for the best of the best in leather goods production. Bring these beauties not only into your garage, but into your home or office with the Poltrona Frau Casa and Officio products. Hand selected at the Salone di Mobile in Milano, the Polo sectional sofa, the Don’Do Rocking Chair, and the newly designed Archibald club chairs are some of our new showcase pieces at SR Hughes.

Which is softer? Miss Daisy or Polo? She's not only a lovely compliment to this color-story but our resident greeter and quality control specialist.

Archibald Chair designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and upholstered in the finest grade of Poltrona Frau Leather

The Don'do pushes the envelope of rocking chairs; also designed by Jean-Marie Massaud; the rug is Snipping by Odegard

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