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Knoll Sale 2012

September 22, 2012

Freshen up your space during Knoll‘s Annual Sale.  From Sept 21-30, 2012 you can save 15% on the best classic and contemporary designs.  Visit us at the SR Hughes showroom at Center 1 Tulsa and we’ll help you select the perfect fit.


May 17, 2012

Knoll Classics Sale

February 28, 2012

Make the most of your space.  Nothing is more timeless than modern design.  For a limited time, take advantage of savings on mid-century modern designs by Harry Bertoia, Marcel Breuer, Florence Knoll, Warren Platner, Jens Risom, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Eero Saarinen.  Choose from hundreds of fabrics and finishes to acquire a made to order, one of a kind piece.

Define your space with Knoll and invest in Authentic design.

Endless gift possibilites this season at SR Hughes

November 25, 2011


Start creativity flowing.  The sky is the limit.

You can find the Knoll Kids Risom Table and Kartell Lou Lou ghost chair at SR Hughes this holiday season.  You provide the artist, the architect, the sculptor, the dreamer……the possibilites are endless.

Extra! Extra! Generation makes the papers!!!

September 28, 2011

Freedom and flexibility are the guiding principles behind the creation of Knoll’s newest ergonomic seating solution, the Generation Chair. Recognizing that sitting upright, facing forward is just one of the many positions people take throughout the day, the design team behind the Generation Chair created a seat that moves with you, as you move. Providing both freedom of movement and continuous support, it’s a groundbreaking example of elastic design where a product rearranges itself in response to its user.

Check out the article in the Wall Street Journal here: GENERATION .

Stop by SR Hughes to test drive the Generation chair:

SR Hughes

3410 S. Peoria

Tulsa, OK 74105


Make the most of your space with the Knoll Sale!

September 21, 2011

15 % off Knoll Classics 

SR Hughes

3410 S.  Peoria Avenue

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Congenial Company

September 7, 2011

This recent shoot of an apartment in Chicago appears in the August issue of Interior Design Magazine.  The article’s header reads, “Three centuries of art and design keep congenial company in the Chicago apartment of Gensler’s Carlos Martínez.”

If you click the photo above, you’ll get to view a great sideshow of this beautiful apartment.  But, before you go … a few things to note.

Pay attention to the artful of mixing classic modern, contemporary and 19th Century influences (in furniture, in art, and architecture).  It’s a beautiful, elegant, and livable space!

The architectural details have been restored, but it involved removing “decades of fusty upgrades to remove to get back to the 3,000-square-foot apartment’s original interior.”  Now, you can see marvelous details such as the plaster detail on the ceiling … peacefully coexisting with a Mies van der Rohe day bed and Le Corbusier LC2 chair!

The owners have been “collecting art over the past 20 years-the kind of modern and contemporary work most often imagined in stripped-down, crisp white environs. The transition would call for back-to-square-one strategizing and the subtle manipulation of everything from the floor plan to the finishes.”  Certainly, Martinez’s professional life as a designer helps pull this all together seamlessly.

I’ll let you in on a little secret … most of the furniture and lighting could have been sourced right here in Tulsa (hello, SR Hughes)!  Whether you know how to pull it together yourself (you don’t need any design degree) or if you put that trust in a professionally trained eye … SR Hughes works every day with both homeowners and designers alike.  Its easy!  And, wherever you need an extra hand, you can hire the contractor, the art dealer, and everything else you need to pull off your own masterpiece … right here in your own city.

Take a tour through this lovely home and dream a little … then get to work on realizing your own vision … the place you relax in, entertain in, laugh, love, and live in.  Tailor it specifically for you and how you live, then settle in and enjoy living — beautifully!

Dutch Colonial-Modern Mix

August 22, 2011

Contemporary Meets Colonial in the May 2011 issue of Elle Decor.  The right touches from the Modern Masters work effortlessly into this Cape Dutch style farmstead in Sonoma County California.

Take, for example, the MR Lounge Chair reproduced by license from Knoll:

I often hear people struggling with the idea of using chrome in a traditional space or going on about the scale of the chair being low when they have high ceilings … they’re worried about making some sort of mistake.  Take a look at Patrick Printy’s use of the chair in his master bedroom:

See how beautifully it works into this setting!  The chair floats up and plays off of the traditional upholstery and flatweave tribal carpet perfectly.  The use of a classic Modern piece adds to the overall design.  The context for the chair is imaginative, so it also adds an energy of a quiet surprise.

Investing in the true classic Modern pieces reproduced by license is part of our core philosophy at SR Hughes.  These are pieces destined to become heirlooms.  They traverse all manner of decorating landscape.  You can add the right element of surprise by introducing them into an unexpected context — they’ll hold their own ground.  Or, you can customize their materials and finishes in a manner consistent with the designer’s original intent to create an unexpected riff on modern style.

Keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see it being done in all of the big name shelter magazines.  You’ll get the hang of it!  Or, come down to the showroom and we’ll help you dream up the perfect modern mix.

Be Aware of Imitators

August 12, 2011

Or, as the adage suggests … should we be flattered by them?

Whatever the case, I just say know what you’re buying and why.

Licensed manufacturers of classic designs are often imitated.  On some level, it speaks to the quality of that original idea.  Saarinen’s table is so perfectly proportioned, so extremely elegant … everyone wants in on the game!

The licensed manufacturer of the piece (in the above example Knoll) represents top quality and adherence to the designer’s original intent … nothing tweaked to confound original scale and elegance.  Nothing compromised.

An original idea is sometimes bigger than the way we usually see it.  Corbusier’s foundation reveals that this famous chair was originally conceived in a whole host of colors and finishes. You can break the black and chrome barrier to try your own interpretation but still remain faithful to the original idea…

You can see quality, you can feel it with your hands, it gives you satisfaction every day you live with it.  We want you to have years, even generations, of use and enjoyment!  I can remember a client once telling me that they purchased a pair of Cassina sofas back in the early 1980’s when they lived in Florida.  Two teenage boys and 25 years later when they moved to Tulsa, those sofas went directly into their living room without missing a beat … original upholstery and all!

Does this mean you can’t take home a flea market treasure?  Absolutely not!  Nothing wrong with a bargain.  But, if you cast off purchases (bargains or no) often, maybe you’ve not found your true love, the right fit, the home that truly reflects who you are and how you live.  That fake Barcelona (“Farcelona”) chair is a chunk of your hard-earned dough no matter what you paid for it!  Maybe you’d consider what will stand up to the test of time?

If you’re not sure about it, just go slowly.  Educate yourself about what is out there:  who produces quality, can you customize the piece in ways consistent with the designer’s original idea, is this the right item for my home?  Then proceed with confidence and commitment about what you want — you’ll discard less and love more as these decisions age gracefully over time in your beautiful home.

SR Hughes showroom is the only place in Oklahoma for original designs from the Modern masters as well as the best in contemporary furniture design today.  Visit us today and we’ll help you express your original style!

From Feb 28th – March 3rd, save on authorized classics from Knoll like the Saarinen table in this post!

Bertoia is Asymmetric

August 8, 2011

Created during the same period and in the same style as his iconic 1952 Diamond, Bird, and side chairs and bar stool, Harry Bertoia’s Asymmetric Chaise is considered a masterpiece of mid-century experimental American furniture. The Knoll Museum exhibit, Harry Bertoia, Perspective and Context, features the Asymmetric Chaise alongside several other works of furniture and sculpture Bertoia conceived only miles away in his small workshop in Bally, Pennsylvania.

Bertoia’s works, as he has said, are studies in space, form and metal which often play with the evocation or the reality of motion, sound or color. His wire furniture designs are also studies in function, formed by the conversations he envisioned between the object and its user. How long would one sit? Would one favor support or freedom of movement? These questions formed the foundation of his design method, a process his wife Brigitta aptly dubbed “intuitive engineering.”

Shaped by these discourses, all of the works exhibited bear a distinctimprint of Bertoia’s method, and the Asymmetric Chaise is no exception.

Extraordinary in its complexity and refinement, the Chaise suggests motion without actually moving, its curves appearing to accommodate an invisible guest who alternately melts into them languorously and shifts between them restlessly. The Asymmetric Chaise is certainly among the most evolved products of Bertoia’s “urge for good design.”

The above text is reprinted from

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