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Come home to B&B Italia

May 31, 2014


Check out the latest edition of B&B Italia Home and let us know if this is how you want to live




Alias 2011

July 16, 2011

Technological lightness, versatility, innovation.  These principles define Alias … a leader in Italian design.  Find soultions for residential, contract, and outdoor environments by clicking on the catalog below:

My Maserati does 185……

April 29, 2011


One word says it all.  Luxury inside and out.

Maserati GranTurismo Convertible

Like the rest of the car, the leather is the best of  best-like butter.  The  quality of leather, stitching and attention to detail is a work of art.  The fact remains the same, it’s a machine, a car and though you may struggle and even shed a tear or two, eventually you sell it or trade it.

Well dry your eyes and fasten your seatbelt darling.  The interior of Maserati is pure Poltrona Frau.  You can bring the Maserati interior right into your own home with a little help from your friends at SR Hughes.

“To sit in a Poltrona Frau chair is to be enveloped by something that is both softer and stronger than you imagined possible, something that quickly comes to feel like an extension of your very own skin; and to behold such a chair, rendered in shades both subtle and stark, soothing and invigorating, is to invite your eyes to a gala spectacle. Quite simply, Poltrona Frau must be experienced to be appreciated.” (

Chester One
Massimosistema Sectional
The best craftsmanship Italy has to offer.  The finest leather you can buy.  When you’re ready to trade up and keep your furniture around for the next generation to enjoy, come experience Poltrona Frau at SR Hughes.

Ready to start your engines?  Shop now through March 20th, 2012 during the Poltrona Frau Spring Sale and keep 20% for yourself … maybe fuel up that Gran Turismo?

Win a Stay in Venice with Foscarini!

April 28, 2011

At SR Hughes, we’re always helping clients imagine what a lamp would look like in their home, office, or outdoor environment.  Now, you can snap a photo of your space and add any Foscarini light all by yourself.  Better yet, you can win a little something for your creative effort!  Click below.  Imagine, create, and vote from April 20th to Aug 31st, 2011.  You could win a stay in Venice and admission to the Venice Biennale, a visit to Foscarini, or a Foscarini light fixture.  Create your own photo using the new Foscarini App or choose your favorite photo and comment to win!

Tolentino Travel … The Old and New

April 26, 2011

So, I had the good fortune to be in Tolentino recently.  The small medieval city center is enchanting.

I came here to tour the Poltrona Frau factory which sits just outside the old city walls.

I’m amazed by the seamless interaction of craft and technology at Poltrona Frau.  Whether building a Chester sofa from the historic archive …

… using much the same materials, craftsmanship, and technique as has been done for the past 100 years at Poltrona Frau …or,

working at the Interiors In Motion division of the factory to outfit a yacht, train, airplane, or car with the most technologically advanced methods …

…the end result is beautiful craftsmanship.

From a simple dining chair to a race car seat … workmanship is the common bond.

Seating for your home, office, or in the finest public and private spaces … Frau’s work with 10 Pritzker Prize winning architects on some of the world’s most revered projects speaks to the capabilities of a large corporation.  But, its only because of the capabilities at the hands of the local craftsmen and women …

…that Frau maintains its feel of the finest quality money can buy from zero to five hundred miles per hour.

Hello From Milano

April 16, 2011

As usual, its been action packed.  The past 36 hours we’ve been, as my friend Stacie says, blowin-and-goin.

However … we’ve had time to stop and smell the roses.

The B&B/Maxalto factory tour was amazing … looks like they’re going to build you a car rather than a sofa.  No pics from there … super secret, but I’ll show you the fruits of their methods in the coming days … lots of great ideas.

Kartell‘s booth was fantastic … fun energy and ideas …

…and plenty of freshness for Tulsa in a mere few weeks!

Dinner courtesy of Alias and Giorgetti at Trattoria Arlati … crazy good as usual!

Excited to see Alias under original ownership and ready to meet the USA all over again!  The Manzu chair taken for the first time from a prototype of a sports car seat from 1967 is pure Italian style … with substance:

Brilliant lighting … Flos steals the show!

And tomorrow, its a scoot South to Tolentino to see the craftsmanship of Poltrona Frau:

So if you’re looking for me … you’re likely to see this as a blur because there’s still plenty to do before I fly on home!

Stay tuned … more to come!

Travel with SRH to Milan

April 11, 2011

Karin Sander, 3D Bodyscan of the living person for i saloni 2011

Brian Hughes is packing his bags and headed to Milan for i saloni where he will be reporting on the latest and greatest in domestic furnishings. Follow Brian via SR Hughes’ blog at April 12 – 19th. Brian wants feedback, questions and suggestions so let him know your thoughts. Ciao for now!

Save During Our Spring Poltrona Frau Sale

February 25, 2011

Toot. A Home Inside Your Home.

August 26, 2010

Future Poetry.

Sofa designed by Piero Lissoni for Cassina

If it’s true that every sofa is a sort of home inside your home,  an independent island within the shared domestic space, Toot is like a treehouse: airy, suspended, floating in extreme comfort and large enough to hold all that you don’t wish to leave on the floor. It can be enjoyed in any way: with or without sides, completely open with no backrest or totally enclosed, a nest of cushions…Because, actually, it makes you want to rest it among the branches of a tree instead of in the living room.

Configure your own comfort and save during the CASSINA FALL SALE, September 9-23, 2011.

SR Hughes Showroom Sample Sale – Kartell

June 23, 2009

For more information or to purchase any sale item contact

Collection: Kartell
Design: Hi-Globb
Finish: Silver, Matte Black
Size: 18″w x 38 1/4″h x 18 3/4″d, seat 29 1/2″h
Origin: Italy
Number: KAR-4862
Regular Price: $370.
Sale Price: Call for pricing.
Note: Can be used outdoors.

Toobe WebCollection: Kartell
Design: Toobe
Finish: Crystal, Blue
Size: 120 V, 1 x 25W E26 CFL
Origin: Italy
Number: KAR-9065
Regular Price: $310.
Sale Price: Call for pricing.
Note: Call for other color information.





Collection: Kartell
Design: Usame
Finish: Red, Green Orange
Size: 33″w x 11″h x 15″d
Origin: Italy
Number: KAR-8840
Regular Price: $300.
Sale Price: Call for pricing.
Note: Can be used outdoors.

Collection: Kartell
Design: Pop
Finish: Jeans
Size: 37″w x 27″h x 37″d, 13″ h seat
Origin: Italy
Number: KAR-6031
Regular Price: $2,050.
Sale Price: Call for pricing.




hi cut webCollection: Kartell
Design: Hi-Cut
Finish: Crystal, Purple, Orange, Green
Size: 18″w x 33″h x 24″d, seat 18 1/2″h
Origin: Italy
Number: KAR-5850B
Regular Price: $329.
Sale Price: Call for pricing.
Note: Can be used outdoors. Stackable.

honeycomb clear webCollection: Kartell
Design: Honeycomb
Finish: Crystal, Honey Yellow, Green
Size: 15″w x 32 1/2″h x 21″d, seat 18″h
Origin: Italy
Number: KAR-4818
Regular Price: $329.
Sale Price: Call for pricing.
Note: Can be used outdoors.

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