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Ingo Maurer: Super Natural!

October 5, 2011

Did you read the New York Times this weekend?  The amazing wizard of lighting design, Ingo Maurer, had a fantastic project published there!  This kind of artistry is exactly why we feel honored to represent Ingo here in little ‘ol Oklahoma.  Click the photo below to view a slide show of this fantastic light sculpture and read more about it.

Though amazing commissioned projects play a key note in Ingo Maurer’s repertoire, one needn’t live in an 19th Century home with its own private cathedral to own a piece of his light-artwork.  Production pieces start at $175 … visit the SR Hughes showroom (Center 1 in Tulsa) to find out more!

Pure Luxury

August 2, 2011

Sha wellness

SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain was featured in Town & Country magazine and I was nearly drooling as I read about all the amenities that promise to turn back the hands of time.  The attention to detail regarding deep relaxation, diet, exercise and the design of the spa had me spellbound. And then I saw it…….Luxury Pure … the unconventional ceiling light by Ingo Maurer.

The soft floating ceiling fixture was right at home in the clean and tranquil SHA Life Learning Center.   Smitten!

Ingo Maurer’s lighting has long been close to our hearts at SR Hughes. His philosophy about quality of light and wellness, his sense of humor, and his artistry all add up to a unique sensibility.  If you’re not going to SHA anytime soon, stop by SR Hughes showroom and let’s have a little wellness clinic that incorporates unique lighting design for your space!

I love it, but my house isn’t modern

July 25, 2011

I’ve worked for SR Hughes for ten years and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “I love it, but my house isn’t modern.”  I think that if you love it, it doesn’t matter.

I love it, but it’s too modern

Your mother’s grandfather clock and Heriz carpet can look beautiful next to your more contemporary pieces.

I love it, but it’s too modern.

I love this bedroom with  mirrored side tables, glass lamps and such a beautiful color palate.  The Ingo Maurer’s Zettle’z fixture, Kartell‘s Louis Ghost Chair and FLOS Kevlin Table Lamp feel right at home with their more traditional counterparts.

I love it, but it’s too modern.

What’s not to love here.  You can almost hear the warm laughter of a family gathering in this inviting dining room.

Love, it’s a funny thing.  I guess what they say is true, sometimes opposites attract.

Visit SR Hughes at Center 1— we’ll help you find the perfect mix for the way you want to live.

Zeppelin and Friends

May 28, 2011

SR Hughes decided to have a HOT SUMMER TENT SALE and I am in it!!

I am Zeppelin — a classic chandelier made with spun resin and transparent candles.

June 3-4-5 you can see me and many other illuminating finds under the tent at SR HUGHES in Center 1. 3410 South Peoria #100. Tulsa, OK.


SR Summer Sale

May 26, 2011

Its time for the biggest sale of the year!

We’re about to install two new living environments, two new dining rooms, and a killer new office space.

Gotta make some room!

SR Hughes at Center 1 Tulsa.  June 3-5 Only!



Omar Arbel Shops For Lights

April 7, 2011


“IT’S really easy to get mystical when you talk about light, so I hesitate,” said Omer Arbel, an architect based in Vancouver, British Columbia. “But I do acknowledge that light touches people’s souls in an interesting, subconscious way — light is a medium you can manipulate to evoke emotion.”

In my experience, nothing could be more true. Yes, I work in design. I sell lighting to people. But, one of the reasons I love doing this stems directly from Omar Arbel’s sentiment. I’m passionate about it because I believe light feeds our beings in some mysterious way. I think most people feel this, even if they do not recognize why. When you light a space properly, the whole environment sings … It nourishes us. I think good design is connected to emotion, and when lighting design is good — you feel it in the space. I watch people when they shop in the store. They can sense what is good, even when they don’t know exactly how to use it. So, why don’t you go shopping with Omar for lights … see what he has to say. Then, come by the SR Hughes showroom at Center 1 and let us help you create positive energy in your own space … with fantastic lighting.

Let there be LIGHT….and a table.

March 27, 2011

Attempting to pair side tables and lamps can sometimes be very difficult.  The brilliant minds of design found a solution for this, combine the two.

A reading chair may look lonely, you may already have a side table that will not accomodate a table light, or you may not be able to fit a side table between two chairs…there are many reasons this concept fits the bill.

For the existing small side table that needs a light, pairing a subtle modern light not only adds style but most importantly, function.

Explore many of our lighting lines to find the light that fits your home and deocrating needs from Flos, Artemide, Ingo Maurer, Foscarini and Tobias Grau.  You can also view other blogger’s faves below … many of which we can help you source locally at the SR Hughes showroom.

Art for the Heart

February 12, 2010

Why not give a little art from the heart to your valentine?  There are plenty of great ways to do it.  One idea is Kokoro — a beautiful light sculpture from Ingo Maurer — the world-renowned wizard of light.  You can check out Kokoro and many other of Ingo’s ideas right in our showroom.  Another way is to check out his one man show from the Cooper Hewitt museum.  The catalog from the show is a book full of great photos and a series of interviews of Maurer which buoy the spirit of any person with a creative bone in his or her body.  Enjoy the scuplture simply for its warmth, its sense of humor, its beauty.  Dig deeper and read more about the story behind the MaMO Nouchies series of lights and the spirit which compels the artist.  Whatever you give your loved one this Valentine’s Day … give joyously and lovingly from your heart … and you’ll be right on the mark.

SR Hughes Lamps Light Up Brookside

January 20, 2010

We’ve temporarily installed a lighting showcase in our front window. If your strolling by or stopping in you’ll see works of light-art by Ingo Maurer, Martha Sturdy, Kartell, Bocci, Flos, Artemide, Tobias Grau, Poltrona Frau, and Tom Dixon. SR Hughes is the destination spot for lighting of all kinds, from chandeliers to sconces, table lamps to floor lamps. Each piece has a unique function and origin. Our lighting comes from Italy, Germany, Canada, and now England. Our showroom presents some of the best designs we’ve found and come to love. Our team has an array of lighting catalogues and access to over a thousand illuminating devices. Let us help you light up your life!

Unleash the artist within

April 25, 2009
Ingo Maurer Zettel'z 6

Ingo Maurer Zettel'z 6


One of the things I love about Ingo Maurer’s light fixtures is that he often invites the end user to be a co-artist. There are so many creative ways you can accessorize the Zettel’z fixture pictured above. One Christmas I put 3×5 black and white images of my family taken during the holidays on the fixture. Guests loved walking around the fixture to see all the photos. In the SR Hughes showroom, artist Marsha Hughes has decorated our fixture with seed packets in Spring, beautiful hand cut snowflakes in the Winter and of course hearts for Valentines Day.

There was great article in the NY Times last Sunday about Ingo’s Zettel’z  fixture and how one co-designer loved adding a creative personal touch.

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