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EcoSmart Sale

October 6, 2012

Winter is here. We can help you cozy up your indoor or outdoor space with EcoSmart fire.  Until Oct 31st, save 15% on all stand alone models.

Give Thanks … For Kelvin on Sale!

November 20, 2011

Address the task at hand … for all of those on your list who need a little well-placed light … a little crisp, clean style … a warm, efficient companion at bedside or on the desktop …

May we suggest you introduce them to Kelvin LED from Flos?

Oh, and get it while it’s hot … special pricing over Thanksgiving weekend only … at SR Hughes.

Kelvin Has All the Answers

April 4, 2011

I was working at my desk late one evening…

when I began dreaming of a better desk lamp … something I could position easily over my workspace that would not give off much heat or glare. Something efficient that will do its job quietly and without eating up too much energy.

I wanted it to be easy to turn off and on. Dimmable please…

…and with the right mount, I could use it bedside or clipped many surfaces in my home or office.

Wait, I changed my mind.  I want it floor standing so that I can read while I watch TV …

Oh, and I’d rather not hassle with replacing the light bulb … ever.

Sound like alot to ask?  Well, we can assure you, Kelvin has all the answers.  Now until Oct 15th, 2012 save 20% on this little bit of lighting genius from our friends at Flos.

Eco-Chic Outdoor Furniture

March 1, 2011

Embellish the beauty around you with eco-chic outdoor furniture from Mamagreen.

***Throughout March save 20% on Mamagreen***


January 15, 2011

LED Love

October 15, 2010

22 years ago when it was introduced, the Tolomeo lamp already respected the conditions that have become essential strategies for designing a new lamp today:

  • low consumption of materials
  • refraining from using materials that are being exhausted
  • long product life
  • recyclability of the materials used
  • products that are easy to dismantle

Though the folks at Artemide may have been a bit ahead of their time, they have still managed to improve on that first blush.

For example, Tolomeo is available for floor or wall mount,

a clip-on version,

with a fabric or parchment shade,

and even for suspension from the ceiling.

However, the modification with the biggest impact is today’s version with an LED light source.  The illumination of an 100 watt light bulb while sipping a mere 10 watts of energy.   That’s 90% less power than the original 100 watt incandescent bulb the fixture was originally designed to use!  The LED light source is so efficient in its conversion of power (watts) to light (lumens) that it wastes very little heat in the process.  For you and I, that means one cool customer to read with late nights in bed…

Stop by SR Hughes showroom Oct 7 – 19th(2011)  and save 15% on Tolomeo and a whole host innovative lighting solutions from Artemide.

A New Generation of Chair

January 23, 2010

Knoll Studio has just introduced this amaaaaazing new chair. One word says it all: flexibility. Now on display at the SR Hughes showroom: the Generation chair. This office chair was designed by Formway with the intent of providing end users with ergonomic support while offering adaptability to both your space (multiple finish and fabric options) and the way you want to sit (multiple functions). The back rest is made of a flexible material that adapts to the way you are using the chair; throw your arm over the back and have a conversation with your colleagues.

We’d highly recommend you visit the shop to experience this chair for yourself. See you soon!

Fire Sale: EcoSmart Eligible for Tax Credits

April 3, 2009

ecosmartFor those of you who have eyed these smart sexy fireplaces now is the time to save the environment as well as your greenbacks.  Uncle Sam wants to put a few more Bennies in your pocket.  Ecosmsart prices are drastically reduced and The Prez says burining renewable fuel is cool.

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