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EcoSmart Sale

October 6, 2012

Winter is here. We can help you cozy up your indoor or outdoor space with EcoSmart fire.  Until Oct 31st, save 15% on all stand alone models.

Ecosmart Outdoor Sale

June 7, 2012

Shop the Outdoor Collection from Ecosmart Fire this month and save 15%.  Stop by the showroom.  We’ll give you a demonstration and help you find the right way to ignite your summer nights.

Turn Fall Green

October 13, 2011

Join us as we turn fall green with Ecosmart Fire.  Indoor, outdoor, built-in, or free-standing.  All clean burning bio-fuel burning fireplaces are on sale from Ocotber 14th – November 13th.

SR Hughes showroom at Center 1 Tulsa.  Tuesday – Saturday from 10:30am to 5:30pm.

Off the Grid

March 12, 2011

Check out this NY Times bit (click on photo) about former fashion and catalog photographer John Wells now living off the grid in Terlingua, TX.  The slide show is a gas!

Fuel your own in-the-city desires to reduce the resources you’re consuming with biofuel burning Ecosmart Fire and Mamagreen Ecofriendly outdoor right here at SR Hughes.  During the month of October in the year 2012, save Earth and your own hard earned cash.  15% off Ecosmart’s outdoor, designer, and grate collections.

Snowy days are perfect for Outdoor Living Design

February 9, 2011

Baby it’s cold outside and we want to stay indoors!  This winter weather has me daydreaming about warmer days lounging in the sun and entertaining outside.

Being a “list girl” means I get tremendous satisfaction by checking things off said list, so naturally I’ve added “budget and plan outdoor space” to my page.   Such a great indoor activity on a cold day that’ll have me outdoors and in my lounge chair on that first nice day of spring!  

I know its natural to start thinking of  what you need to enjoy the great outdoors in March when the first  few warm days arrive.  That is all fine and good, but be ready to settle for whatever is available at the time … and realize that it might not be the best fit.   Maybe you’re patient enough to wait for what you really want so you order it, but you also miss out on the spring fling because your precious cargo won’t arrive until late June!  My guess is that the majority of us are not so patient and we end up buying a quick fix that lasts one season. 

Break the cycle and start now!  We can have you asleep on your lounger in the sun just as the weather warms up.  SR Hughes offers tons of innovative options for living outdoors.  You can shop Alias, Mamagreen, Kartell, and Paola Lenti in the showroom.

If you are looking for something else, another option is to work with our design department and have access to many other lines such as Brown JordanSutherland Teak, Janus et Cie, Richard Schultz and many more.

In either case, now is the time to let us help you imagine that perfect outdoor space so that you’re sitting pretty just as the first blooms arrive and the blowing snow is just a mere memory.

1903 Tenement Remodel

September 18, 2010

This before-after story featured in New York Magazine is all about transforming “two warren-y apartments into one modern living space.”  One trick the designer used was to open the fireplace to both sides of the new space by installing an Ecosmart fireplace.  It eliminated the need to plumb a fuel line or engineer a venting system.  That can save a bundle in architectural costs.  In addition, changing the burn fuel to denatured alcohol (which can be derived from renewable resources) means higher efficiency and an ecofriendly attitude.

Save 15% on all Ecosmart biofuel fireplaces from Oct 14 – Nov 13, 2011.  Stop by the SR Hughes showroom at Center 1 Tulsa, we’ll help you design the perfect fireplace for your space!

Comfortable Living with EcoSmart Fire

September 14, 2010

EcoSmart fire buners retrofitted for custom project.

Fall Into Comfortable Living with EcoSmart Fireplaces

My husband and I were so excited to finally move into a house with a fireplace. The problem was that the two fireplaces in the casual and formal living areas were both very traditional in style and high maintenance in cleaning, especially with two young children in the house. We decided to open up the main part of the house by tearing down walls.  Then, to maintain the open feel, we turned the two existing fireplaces into a single large fireplace open to both sides of the room.  Converting the two fireplaces into one turned out to be more complicated and costly than we’d imagined, so we looked at EcoSmart ventless and flueless fireboxes. It proved to be the perfect solution. We retrofitted several EcoSmart fireboxes into a stainless steel sheet with holes cut out for each firebox. The EcoSmart fireboxes are super easy to light and very low maintence to keep clean.
We love how easy it is to light up a fire on a cool night with EcoSmart. The flames are beautiful to watch and roast smores over. And of course the fact that EcoSmart is environmentally friendly feels good.

Stop by the SR Hughes showroom at Center 1 Tulsa and we’ll help you design the clean burning fireplace of your dreams!

Through October 31st 2012 save 15%.

EcoSmart Fire It Up Sale

September 9, 2010

Save 40% throughout September on all EcoSmart Igloo, Tower and Lantern models (while supplies last).

As the temperature drops, EcoSmart fireplaces are the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor space.  EcoSmart fireplaces are clean, vent free, easy to operate, and add lots of ambience to both residential and commercial spaces. This month SR Hughes is focusing on comfortable living.  What could be cozier than dancing flames from your environmenatly friendly fireplace to spark good times with family and friends?

EcoSmart Tower

EcoSmart Lantern

EcoSmart Igloo

EcoSmart to Warm those Chilly Utah Nights

June 17, 2010

There is a fabulous place I was just informed of and I wanted to pass the news along to you. The Amangiri is a luxury resort in Canyon Point Utah. In fact, the corporate headquarters for the Amangiri is located in Singapore and they have these resorts all over the world. The Utah location is a particular wonder to me. A spa in the middle of the desert? My first inclination was to think, how could one be so comfortable among the sterile landscape? And then I saw the pictures.

Amangiri means “peaceful mountain” and is located at the Four Corners.

This resort hotel is fabulously appointed (and yes, I do use the word fabulous all-too frequently and much to my intention and liking). Waking up to that view would surely be something to write home about.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen large subway tile run vertically before. I do like it.

This is the library. I’m really diggin’ those lights on the ceiling. I’m not quite sure who the manufacturer is but I happened upon a fixture the other day when I ventured down to the SR Hughes basement where we keep the archives and canned foodstuffs. I was thumbing through a tome of design knowledge and I said, “Eureka and Satori! when I saw this light:

Artemide makes this piece called Disc Suspension. The price point is surprisingly reasonable and they have several finish options. Let us know if you would like further information about this light.

Now this is the picture I really want you to see. Check out how they installed this EcoSmart Grate range in the outdoor seating area.

Now here’s a picture of it from the inside of the suite. To me this speaks highly to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. It’s important to make the two spaces flow together and not compete, both with your furnishings and with the colors you choose for inside fabrics and outdoor landscaping.

The EcoSmart Grate range is an affordable fireplace that is vent free and connection free, so you can put it anywhere. One nice thing about this particular unit is that it is portable so you can move it around instead of a permanent installation. As we continue to discuss outdoor living I hope you’ll check back with us soon about more “News from Hughes.”

Create Outdoor Drama

June 15, 2010

The latest addition to the ever evolving EcoSmart™ Fire Outdoor Fireplace Collection is the Cyl – a cylindrical shaped “tea light” fireplace.

The Cyl is constructed from weather-resistant materials, is fully portable and designed to make a dramatic statement in any outdoor setting.

The round stainless steel base encases a 5 litre stainless steel ethanol burner.  The toughened glass surround that embraces the flame is elevated by three stainless steel feet thus allowing the flame to lift and burn a brilliant light.

Cyl can be turned on and off as desired using the accompanying lid which extinguishes the flame once put into position.

EcoSmart’s Cyl makes a stylish addition to any alfresco party or event – at any time of the year. As with all EcoSmart Outdoor fireplaces, the Cyl runs on denatured ethanol, an environmentally friendly energy source. 

Visit the SR Hughes showroom to experience the drama of Cyl for yourself, or you can check out the entire Ecosmart Fire Outdoor Range Collection here.

From Oct. 14th to Nov 13th, save 15% on all Ecosmart Fire biofuel fireplaces.  Let us help you design the perfect clean burning fireplace for indoors or out!

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