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Turn Fall Green

October 13, 2011

Join us as we turn fall green with Ecosmart Fire.  Indoor, outdoor, built-in, or free-standing.  All clean burning bio-fuel burning fireplaces are on sale from Ocotber 14th – November 13th.

SR Hughes showroom at Center 1 Tulsa.  Tuesday – Saturday from 10:30am to 5:30pm.

Outdoor Furniture On Sale at SR Hughes

March 24, 2011

MamaGreen eco-friendly outdoor furniture is on sale at SR Hughes through March.

Right now,  you can buy this beautiful recycled teak and painted aluminum outdoor dining table and 6 chairs for $2731 plus shipping and tax.

Off the Grid

March 12, 2011

Check out this NY Times bit (click on photo) about former fashion and catalog photographer John Wells now living off the grid in Terlingua, TX.  The slide show is a gas!

Fuel your own in-the-city desires to reduce the resources you’re consuming with biofuel burning Ecosmart Fire and Mamagreen Ecofriendly outdoor right here at SR Hughes.  During the month of October in the year 2012, save Earth and your own hard earned cash.  15% off Ecosmart’s outdoor, designer, and grate collections.

And the Outdoor Living is Easy

March 6, 2011

In Oklahoma, we may not be dining on our deck perched above the ocean, but with over 1,400 square miles of water area in the state (equalling an area larger than Rhode Island) there are plenty of opportunities for waterside dining.

Outdoor living, entertaining, and relaxing is a big part of how we live in middle America.  So, why not do it with beauty, style, comfort, and ease?

One of the things I love about Mamagreen is the mixture of materials you can use to create your own personal outdoor space.  Teakwood has rich, beautiful character.

It’s specifically suited to weather harsh outdoor elements and is low-maintenance.  Furthermore, all Mamagreen teak is certified to be recycled, so you can rest easily knowing no rainforest hardwood trees were felled to build your furniture.

Pair the teak with high-tech mesh and you get a beautiful combination for easy living.  Simply spray with the hose and mesh cleans and dries easily.  There is no PVC content in these durable plastics.  You can even select plastic/hemp blend or even 100% recycled mesh if you want to remain in harmony with the environment.

Relax by the pool under the searing summer sun protected by a recycled mesh sunshade on comfortable cushions made of quick dry foam especially developed for outdoor use.  Recycled Dacron wraps the cushion core for your comfort and Sunbrella upholstery is soft and durable.

Stainless, teak, granite or glass table tops, all-weather wicker … all make for easy outdoor living.  And now, Mamagreen offers powder-coated Aluminum frame construction options with an eye toward more affordable top-quality options.  The Mazzamiz collection is a fresh, affordable standout for spring.

March 2011 is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors at SR Hughes.  We’ve partnered with Mamagreen to bring you easy beautiful options all on sale.  As the tulip trees begin to bloom, there has never been a better time to furnish your outdoor environment for years of easy comfort, relaxation, and fun!

Eco-Chic Outdoor Furniture

March 1, 2011

Embellish the beauty around you with eco-chic outdoor furniture from Mamagreen.

***Throughout March save 20% on Mamagreen***

Comfortable Living with EcoSmart Fire

September 14, 2010

EcoSmart fire buners retrofitted for custom project.

Fall Into Comfortable Living with EcoSmart Fireplaces

My husband and I were so excited to finally move into a house with a fireplace. The problem was that the two fireplaces in the casual and formal living areas were both very traditional in style and high maintenance in cleaning, especially with two young children in the house. We decided to open up the main part of the house by tearing down walls.  Then, to maintain the open feel, we turned the two existing fireplaces into a single large fireplace open to both sides of the room.  Converting the two fireplaces into one turned out to be more complicated and costly than we’d imagined, so we looked at EcoSmart ventless and flueless fireboxes. It proved to be the perfect solution. We retrofitted several EcoSmart fireboxes into a stainless steel sheet with holes cut out for each firebox. The EcoSmart fireboxes are super easy to light and very low maintence to keep clean.
We love how easy it is to light up a fire on a cool night with EcoSmart. The flames are beautiful to watch and roast smores over. And of course the fact that EcoSmart is environmentally friendly feels good.

Stop by the SR Hughes showroom at Center 1 Tulsa and we’ll help you design the clean burning fireplace of your dreams!

Through October 31st 2012 save 15%.

When you are outside, where do you want to be?

July 27, 2010

Relaxing with friends and family is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Embellish your outdoor environment with eco-friendly and innovative Mama Green outdoor furniture and you’ll have more space to enjoy being with the ones you love.  From Mama Green’s 15 collections, SR Hughes can help you fashion your own outdoor living space. Mama Green only uses top of the line materials in the goods they produce – recycled teak, stainless steel and the most durable of outdoor fabrics, slings and coverings. 

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