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Annual Sale: FINAL DAY

June 3, 2012

Our thanks to everyone who has made this year’s event an overwhelming success!

Sunday June 3rd is the final day of the sale.  Come wander through for final markdowns on fantastic furniture, rugs, lighting, and accessories.

Please note:  we start at 10:30 but plan to close down early.  So, stop by Blue Moon or your favorite Brookside breakfast stop, power up, and then come have a mimosa with us before we fold up the big top until next year…

NCAA meets SRH

March 16, 2011

Celebrate and Win

November 10, 2010

Hot Town, Summer in the City

June 10, 2010

Cool town, evenin’ in the city Dressed so fine and lookin’ so pretty  

Joe Cocker in Kartell's Bubble Club Chair, designed by Philippe Stark


If you’re anything like me then winter can be a difficult and perilous time for you. The snow is beautiful but winter in Tulsa has certain dangers: avoiding falling icicles, tumbling over your snowshoes, and although a semi-rare species in Tulsa, chance encounters with snow leopards. Spring comes and we’re allowed to enjoy about 3 full days of 70 degree sunshine sipping champagne on the lawn. Spring in Tulsa is like an animated Disney feature. The tulips appear and fade across the city from 2:30 to 2:35 pm. Summer sweeps in all too fast. As I write this there are tumbleweeds passing by the front window.  

However, if you’re anything like me, summer holds many joys for you too. The lakes aren’t as green this time of year and the vegetable gardens are bursting with activity. The Brookside fashionistas have dawned their newly acquired  bikinis, sarongs and daisy dukes. I love the smell of suntan lotion and wish I could call for someone to freshen up this daiquiri.  

Outdoors in Oklahoma can be unbearably hot and I wouldn’t suggest an immediate swim in the Arkansas river as its banks are host to a number of power plants. Saltwater pools are all the rage now and the shade is the best place to be. So, grab your over sized umbrellas and chide your husband for not hiring a professional to build the patio cover instead of touting his own woodworking abilities. Follow me folks! Smile as you pass into the wonderful world of outdoor living in style.  

Our June window presentation takes us to the wonderful, playful, and sometimes magic world of Kartell. This Italian plastics company manufactures some of the sturdiest furniture and fittings in the business. Most of what you see will be injection-molded polycarbonate, meaning that the chair is one solid piece instead of many parts glued together. The pieces are incredibly lightweight and most are outdoor friendly. Being made of motorcycle helmet material, Kartell plastics are extremely resilient and sturdy.  

It's all Stark Baby


Philippe Stark designed the Bubble Club series of chairs, tables and sofas. Kartell offers a beautiful terracotta color among others. The wee little gnomes make great side tables. Try them in all black or all gold if you’re going for the bling look. Check out those vases! Towering at 65″ high these awesome blossom holders  make such a statement. They’re fun with fresh-cut flowers. Or mannequin heads with funky disco wigs.  


I’ll let you in on a little secret: SR Hughes now has a SAMPLE SALE ROOM that I like to call the “Dicount-tech” Don’t forget to take a spin in the Discount-tech next time you’re in the shop  

Top Top is an excellent cafe table. These are outdoor friendly too and a simply smashing. A light lunch can be presented quite elegantly here. Kipper anyone? And if you’re tired of spray painting your wire chairs every sultry season why not invest in something simple, something elegant and something that will last: Kartell colored pieces are batch dyed, meaning that the color is all the way through and not applied to the surface only! 


Now let’s just say you’re going for more color. One great thing about Kartell, maybe the best thing about Kartell, is that all of their products are available in a multiple finishes. What’s you’re favorite color?  

Mine happens to be sapphire blue (but ask me tomorrow and it might be bottle green or ruby red).  


Our friends at the Philbrook Museum of Art were kind enough to provide us with an image of their South terrace to help us set the stage.  

A fabulous piece from artist Scott Causey features front and center. To learn more about Scott Causey check out his website. MA Doran Gallery is one of my favorite places in town. Just across the street from SR Hughes, MA is constantly rotating artwork and makes the most stunning finds. It is a great place to visit when you’re on Brookside. See their website here.  

Come on, come on let’s dance all night Despite the heat it’ll be alright

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