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May 17, 2012

Making 28

April 27, 2012

Bocci’s 28 Series is the perfect custom chandelier.  Well, its’ actually more than that.  Check out the video by New Document below …

We love that it began as a creative experiment.  What happens when you suction air from a sphere in the process of glass blowing?  As it turns out, something wonderful!  Add light, color and voila … 28.

Completely handmade to order.  Cluster, staggered, single, multiple.  Clear or color.  You be the author, Bocci will blow the glass.  What could be better?

Bocci 28 Series

June 15, 2011

We love the Bocci 28 Series chandelier!  After highlighting the custom color version at Rossana Orlandi in Milan this past April …

…Bocci took their show to the streets of New York where they rigged a display other versions of 28 during ICFF in May…

We love the handmade qualities, the possibility to customize size, color, and above all … the singular style of the new 28 Series!

Zeppelin and Friends

May 28, 2011

SR Hughes decided to have a HOT SUMMER TENT SALE and I am in it!!

I am Zeppelin — a classic chandelier made with spun resin and transparent candles.

June 3-4-5 you can see me and many other illuminating finds under the tent at SR HUGHES in Center 1. 3410 South Peoria #100. Tulsa, OK.


Dwell Magazine May 2011: A Fresh Angle

May 23, 2011

bishop exterior interior

bishop walnut doors entry foyer

bishop kitchen portrait

bishop starscape glass pendants 28

bishop mater bathroom

bishop living room portrait

Once again, Dwell Magazine shines sharing with us a family home that shows that great style and comfortable living can be achieved under the same roof.  The combination of modern living in a rural setting seems like paradise to me.  I’ve always loved to look up at the night sky as I get further away from the city lights to watch beautiful sea of stars unfold as the glow of the city dims.  This is why the Bocci lighting throughout this home speaks to me.  The designers imaginative use of the fixtures illustrates the versitility of the line and I find myself back under the  magical twinkle of a bright starry night even during the day!  Find a little magic and check out the link below to Dwell Magazine May 2011  A Fresh Angle.

Corbu in Cages?

April 14, 2011

Outdoor spaces are truly special around this city … whether a park or a private courtyard, Milan always amazes me in this respect.  But, when I arrived for my 11 o’clock appointment at the Milano Design Village … I was truly surprised!  During Salone, this cavernous warehouse space is especially outfitted to show the new ideas from Poltrona Frau, Cappellini, and Cassina.  However, I never expected this:

Charlotte Perriand’s wooden outdoor chaise lounge inside the cage mirrors the indoor LC4 outside.  There were also LC3 chairs, LC10 dining and coffee tables, and even the LC1 “sling” chair all re-designed for outdoor use!  It even rained inside the cage to show that these pieces are made to withstand outdoor elements!  I was enthralled and loved the playful nature of it all!  Please … download the iPhone or iPad app for Cassina and check out the “Events” section to see more from the Milano Design Village.

The other unexpected treasure for me today was Spazio Rossana Orlandi.  This is a Milanese design legend … and after many years travelling here … it was my first visit.


The courtyard was full of people enjoying the food, drink, atmosphere, and design … the space had great energy and there were treasures everywhere … inside and out.  There was this beautiful Bocci chandelier:

But the thing that just took my breath away was this life-sized needlepoint horse and rider from Frederique Morrel:

A great way to cap the day walking around the city!

Omar Arbel Shops For Lights

April 7, 2011


“IT’S really easy to get mystical when you talk about light, so I hesitate,” said Omer Arbel, an architect based in Vancouver, British Columbia. “But I do acknowledge that light touches people’s souls in an interesting, subconscious way — light is a medium you can manipulate to evoke emotion.”

In my experience, nothing could be more true. Yes, I work in design. I sell lighting to people. But, one of the reasons I love doing this stems directly from Omar Arbel’s sentiment. I’m passionate about it because I believe light feeds our beings in some mysterious way. I think most people feel this, even if they do not recognize why. When you light a space properly, the whole environment sings … It nourishes us. I think good design is connected to emotion, and when lighting design is good — you feel it in the space. I watch people when they shop in the store. They can sense what is good, even when they don’t know exactly how to use it. So, why don’t you go shopping with Omar for lights … see what he has to say. Then, come by the SR Hughes showroom at Center 1 and let us help you create positive energy in your own space … with fantastic lighting.

Oh Canada! The design link on the skating rink.

February 11, 2010

We’ve admired the work of Omer Arbel for quite some time. Several of his lighting and electrical designs for the Canadian company Bocci have been featured in our showroom and are beginning to grace local homes and businesses with their beauty.

Omer Arbel's 21 Series installed at Yokozuna restaurant in downtown Tulsa

The 21 Series captures the magic of light, suspended within folded pieces of a simple ceramic. This diffused light is soft and organic. Another phenomenal design from Arbel is the 14 Series. Hand-blown glass globes illuminated by tiny halogen bulbs create very dramtic displays without becoming weighty.

Though each sphere weighs over three pounds their placement and effective diffusion of light evokes feelings of weightlessness.

Arbel’s most recent design was in conjunction with artist Corrine Hunt. The 2010 Olympic medals are ingeniously designed and beautifully crafted pieces of art that speak highly of the power and quality of design from Canada.

The front of the medals display graphics reminiscent of totem poles

Though the Olympic Medals are not available at SR Hughes, we are proud to represent Bocci and the creative work of Omer Arbel.

SR Hughes Lamps Light Up Brookside

January 20, 2010

We’ve temporarily installed a lighting showcase in our front window. If your strolling by or stopping in you’ll see works of light-art by Ingo Maurer, Martha Sturdy, Kartell, Bocci, Flos, Artemide, Tobias Grau, Poltrona Frau, and Tom Dixon. SR Hughes is the destination spot for lighting of all kinds, from chandeliers to sconces, table lamps to floor lamps. Each piece has a unique function and origin. Our lighting comes from Italy, Germany, Canada, and now England. Our showroom presents some of the best designs we’ve found and come to love. Our team has an array of lighting catalogues and access to over a thousand illuminating devices. Let us help you light up your life!

SR Hughes Launches Their New Website

March 17, 2009

picture-3visit to see their newly designed site featuring Cassina, Knoll, Artemide and ecosmart fire to name a few of the beautiful furniture, lighting, rugs and gift lines that they carry.

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