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Make the most of your space with the Knoll Sale!

September 21, 2011

15 % off Knoll Classics 

SR Hughes

3410 S.  Peoria Avenue

Tulsa, Oklahoma


Ventaglio: the art of living

June 22, 2011

Functional sculpture … table, desk … Ventaglio was designed by Charlotte Perriand in 1972 for her Meribel chalet.

The placement of boards for the top creates a beautiful sculpture … artful.  But, the unusual shape is also multi-functional.  She experimented with a similar organic shape as desk prior to Ventaglio …

… as seen in this office she designed for a newspaper editor in 1938.  The same gull-wing shape exists with Ventaglio to promote use as a desk, but the placement of individual planks creates unique spaces where both small and large groups of people can congregate with intimacy to share a meal or a game of cards.

In both the historic ’38 photo and as above in the present day, use of the LC7 stool as seat provides a beautiful contrast of materials from Perriand’s work … tubular steel and wood.  After all, it was her work with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jennaret to produce the famous “machines for living” during the late ’20s that brought her notoriety as a designer.

In my view, Ventaglio is seems influenced by her life in Japan (1940-46) where Elisabeth Vedrenne says  “In France, the bourgeois mind still confused emptiness with poverty or oblivion.  Accumulate nothing, be Zen — Le Corbusier had already prepared her for this … She became aware of the ideas of rhythm, lightness, transparency, depth of field, of the outside inside, and vice-versa — concepts she had already been playing with since the 1930s … in Japan she found everything she had been looking for.  She found corroboration for her knowledge of design and her pioneering intuitions.  The useful could be beautiful …”  Ventaglio, the art of living embodied.

To see more Charlotte Perriand designs now click here.

To save 20% on authentic Perriand designs made by Cassina, spring into SR Hughes by March 20th (2012).

Kelvin Has All the Answers

April 4, 2011

I was working at my desk late one evening…

when I began dreaming of a better desk lamp … something I could position easily over my workspace that would not give off much heat or glare. Something efficient that will do its job quietly and without eating up too much energy.

I wanted it to be easy to turn off and on. Dimmable please…

…and with the right mount, I could use it bedside or clipped many surfaces in my home or office.

Wait, I changed my mind.  I want it floor standing so that I can read while I watch TV …

Oh, and I’d rather not hassle with replacing the light bulb … ever.

Sound like alot to ask?  Well, we can assure you, Kelvin has all the answers.  Now until Oct 15th, 2012 save 20% on this little bit of lighting genius from our friends at Flos.

Light Up Your Outdoor Nights

March 25, 2011

Good lighting is part of the architecture of good living.  But, sadly, it is often overlooked or undernourished when people build their indoor or outdoor spaces. Lighting supports living!

In outdoor spaces, it creeps down the wall from rubbery cones to softly illuminate the space next to the chairs where you and your cherie have a glass of wine in the evening …

It lights the pathway to your kitchen which is brimming with smells, laughter, and friends coming for dinner …

Its heavy gauge bronze shields your eye from harsh glare, while at the same time directing a soft wash of light upward and downward on the wall for a soft background glow…

…and creates an organic sculpture garden out in the sand where your guests carry their plates full of food to grab a seat, eat, and gab away the evening…

Yes, lighting is functional!  But, when imagined correctly, it’s also playful, beautiful, and innovative.  It helps you describe your home and your way of seeing life to your friends … without saying a word on the subject.  You’re simply free to live, laugh, and be in the moment with your guests for a wonderful night together!

Outdoor Furniture On Sale at SR Hughes

March 24, 2011

MamaGreen eco-friendly outdoor furniture is on sale at SR Hughes through March.

Right now,  you can buy this beautiful recycled teak and painted aluminum outdoor dining table and 6 chairs for $2731 plus shipping and tax.

The Best Island

March 23, 2011

Philippe Stark is a design genius so its hard to go wrong with any of his pieces. Stark’s PRIVE big island for Cassina is the perfect answer when you desire a comfortable piece of furniture that you can sit down, stretch out, curl up on but want a break from the traditional sofa and chair option. Prive measures roughly 70 x 70 so you can choose to lay out or throw a party on this big island. Always upholstered in leather, Prive’s modern classic, clean-lined design will only become more beautiful with age and use the same way Mies van der Rohe‘s Barcelona couch by Knoll has been a design classic since 1930.  When you invest in contemporary pieces from Cassina, you can relax in comfort knowing that both style and substance will PREVAIL.

During the CASSINA FALL SALE September 9-23, timing doesn’t get any better to own your very own private island.

Pop Outdoors

March 22, 2011

Finally Spring is here and we can POP outdoors.

POP outdoor armchair and sofa from Kartell is the perfect solution for soft, cushy, comfy seating for your patio. POP’s big cushions provide the perfect little nest that you can cozy up in and enjoy a good read or a glass of wine or better yet both!

The fabric on POP is water-resistant, stain-resistant, mold-resistant  and UV-resistant so it won’t fade. POP is easy to clean and has a super tough polycarbonate frame so you can kick back worry-free and enjoy the outdoors.

During the month of March, POP is 20% off so pick your favorite upholstery color and order one today!

Mex in Real Life

March 21, 2011

My husband once said that our ultra comfy Mex Cube sofa from Cassina is one of the best purchases he ever made and I couldn’t agree more. We both have big families and so we needed lots of comfortable seating that would hold up to lots of use and Mex fit the bill beautifully. We choose to configure Mex as a sectional with one end offering a deeper sit and a big wide arm that can also serve as a seat but anyone can design and their own configuration unique to their space and then redesign if you feel like a change or choose to move.

Mex sofa system has style, comfort, durability and flexibility. You can SAVE 20% of Mex now through MARCH 22nd!!!

And this one’s just right….

March 20, 2011

It’s been said, this chair is too small.

It’s been said this chair is too modern…..

I say, this chair is just right.

Any color fabric, leather, frame……the possibilites are endless.

Visit SR Hughes Oct 6th – 18th, 2011 for Le Corbusier designs at 15% off.

A Tale of Two Sofas

March 19, 2011

There was once a woman who wanted a very large and comfortable sectional for the corner of a TV room.  The room was not at the top of a tower but it might as well have been… was a steep stairway with a sharp right turn at the landing.  What would fill the requirements and still be able to fit through the door?

Happily the brilliant designer, Philippe Starck, had designed a system of upholstered elements with removable covers AND the ability to be dismantled into all of its component parts.  Voila!   Problem solved by the CassinaMister” sectional.

Not long after, the same woman needed a new sofa in her lovely but inaccessible New York City apartment.  The first sleeper sofa that had come to live at the apartment was taken apart, piece by tiny piece, taken up the very tiny elevator and reassembled.  Oy Vey….that was a situation!  Fortunately, “Mister” to the rescue once again.  The back, arms, legs etc, etc came up the tiny elevator, through the tiny foyer and into the living area where they went back together in a flash.

Everyone has lived happily ever since and the story definitely has a moral.  If you want a hassle-free experience with an “iffy” space, go straight to SR Hughes and select a “Mister” sectional for yourself.  Order by September 23rd, 2011 and take advantage of the Cassina Fall Sale!

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