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The Art of Relaxation

December 13, 2013


Darshan Phillips and his crew built this suspended sculpture in our showroom for our new window display.

We have this idea that at our best we can show people the art of furniture, lighting, rugs … that we can help them see something beyond what they imagined as a way to live in and use a home, office, or outdoor space.  So we asked Darshan how we might show people that idea with 4 individual chairs.  I thought this could be a challenge because not many people imagine something artful if you give them the word “recliner” as a beginning.

He came up with several ideas, but the one we thought was a no brainer was to build this suspended artwork in our store.  I have to say, we were stunned by the result.  It looks as if Darshan took a snapshot just as someone tore the wrapping off of a giant box and threw the glittering gold wrapping into the air exposing the gifts below.

We believe Cassina, Poltrona Frau, and B&B Italia have taken original ideas and translated them with the best materials and highest craftsmanship into 4 beautiful recliners … proof positive that there is an art to relaxation.

Click on the image above to see how the crew worked for several straight days to create this amazing floating piece of art and catch a glimpse of how to recline in style.  Then, come by the showroom to take a test drive and see it all in person.

Endless gift possibilites this season at SR Hughes

November 25, 2011


Start creativity flowing.  The sky is the limit.

You can find the Knoll Kids Risom Table and Kartell Lou Lou ghost chair at SR Hughes this holiday season.  You provide the artist, the architect, the sculptor, the dreamer……the possibilites are endless.

Rauschenberg at Philbrook

August 31, 2011

“I’ve always been more attracted to familiar or ordinary things because I find them a lot more mysterious.” Robert Rauschenberg

Looking for something to do this weekend, my husband and I went to see the Rauschenberg exhibit at Philbrook and fell more in love with his work.

Robert Rauschenberg was an important American artist.  He broke the rules and snubbed tradition to create fresh new art.

Rauschenberg enjoyed experimenting will all kinds of techniques, even if the result was not always exactly what he intended.  In fact, he welcomed mistakes, because he felt they led to creativity. He enjoyed painting and photography and often combined the two methods with printmaking.

Printmaking transfers images from one surface to another. Rauschenberg loved to mix them to create something totally new. Rauschenberg often included symbols representing the United States in his art.  Though he was inspired by the USA, he also made art about his travels to other countries, including China, India and Morocco.

“An artist’s job is to be a witness to his time in history.” Robert Rauschenberg

Philbrook Museum of Art

2727 South Rockford Road
Tulsa OK 74114

On exhibit through September 11, 2011.

Love your Mother: Mother’s Day Gifts at SR Hughes

May 3, 2011

Martha Sturdy Resin

Rina Menardi Ceramics

Antica Farmicista scents, handwash and lotion

Ashes and Snow prints


Books, Books, Books

SR Hughes Gift Certificate

SR Hughes   Center One    3410 S Peoria Ave #100    Tulsa, OK
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10:30am – 5:30pm

Young Winter

April 21, 2009



Compression Drawings

Compression Drawings

Young Winter

Young Winter


Gallery Shot

Gallery Shot

One of my favorite local artists is Ty Smith. Ty moved here in 2006 from Alabama to pursue a masters in painting from The University of Tulsa. Ty’s biggest artist influences are Richard Diebenkorn and Bonnard. To see more of Ty’s art visit

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