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A Bookish Sort

July 5, 2014

There is something about a home without books that I find unsettling.  Even with modern technology leaving print behind, I believe we’ll always want our homes to include mementos tracing our travels and concrete manifestations of ideas we find interesting.  I’d rather stack those things up and keep them close by, not fumble through my phone to find the photo of …

This is an ode to clean lines, comfortable living, and evidence of a personal history…

B&B Italia’s Flat.C wall system

… to light, open spaces incorporating classics old and new …


Notice left to right: Tizio bedside light, Le Corbusier LC6 library table/desk, Maui rolling chair.


… and beautiful simplicity complete with the perfect place to kick back and get lost in the pages of a book…


Tufty Time sofa

In every instance above, one of the key elements in the room is something you’ll find right here at SR Hughes.  Let us help you build the unique story of your own personal space.


Light and Magic

April 20, 2012

Check out this edition of Design Gossip.  Rob Forbes, founder of Design Within Reach, explores lighting “design” in nature and in the built environment.  His photo essay is beautiful, and I like his willingness to explore the idea that “one of lighting’s other tasks might be to rekindle our interest in the character, magic, and elusive nature of light itself. The better designers do this unwittingly I believe. The perforations in the dome of Castiglioni’s Arco could have derived from seeing sunlight spots on people or on forms just as I witnessed in that café on Mallorca … I’m treated to a light exhibition every morning from my apartment in San Francisco. The more dramatic and colorful lightscape is perhaps the more seductive, but I’m partial to the other one. I see the lights on the buildings and the headlights from the cars and the neon café signage and it make me realize that lighting is all around us in its magical form, if we choose to see it.”

SR Hughes invites you to explore the ideas behind all the creative solutions that exist in lighting your environment.  Why not begin with a thoughtfully conceived building that invites light inside to live with you?  We’re constantly in search of innovative decorative lighting to help our clients complete environments that embrace “the character, magic, and elusive nature of light itself.”

Form over Function…. Why Not Both!

August 1, 2011

The La Barca table, by Cassina, has fantastic style while maintaining a level of flexibility that makes it great for many functions.  Its size can double with ease, making it desirable in a recent project for a client’s home to serve many functions in a small space.  Whether it’s dinner, accessories, craft table, homework, or to just be, the La Barca table has great form and many functions!

I love it, but my house isn’t modern

July 25, 2011

I’ve worked for SR Hughes for ten years and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard “I love it, but my house isn’t modern.”  I think that if you love it, it doesn’t matter.

I love it, but it’s too modern

Your mother’s grandfather clock and Heriz carpet can look beautiful next to your more contemporary pieces.

I love it, but it’s too modern.

I love this bedroom with  mirrored side tables, glass lamps and such a beautiful color palate.  The Ingo Maurer’s Zettle’z fixture, Kartell‘s Louis Ghost Chair and FLOS Kevlin Table Lamp feel right at home with their more traditional counterparts.

I love it, but it’s too modern.

What’s not to love here.  You can almost hear the warm laughter of a family gathering in this inviting dining room.

Love, it’s a funny thing.  I guess what they say is true, sometimes opposites attract.

Visit SR Hughes at Center 1— we’ll help you find the perfect mix for the way you want to live.

Layering Made Easy

May 14, 2011

Selecting fabulous furnishings and fabrics is easy… it’s the layering of accessories and sculptures which finishes a room and gives designers their claim to fame. 

If you look at some of the top designers; Vicente Wolf, Victoria Hagan, Mary McDonald, and the like, their foundation pieces are quite simple.  Okay, they’re pretty fabulous too… but it’s all in the details that really makes the space come alive.  A very simple way to give interest to a room is to add an organic element to the space; a twisted root, primitive wood made into sculpture, or even a beautiful branch from your garden. 

Take it from the pros, this tip can take your room from ordinary to extraordinary!

Elle Decor: Mod Meets Tradition

May 6, 2011

Hickory chair is a favorite because of their classic, well-made pieces and it’s exciting to discover their young talent to keep their look fresh!  Enjoy this article in Elle Decor debuting the mix.

Mod Meets Tradition

The Hable sisters’ witty prints translate to stylish furnishings

Written by Mireille Hyde


Katharine and Susan Hable launched Hable Construction, their Brooklyn-based textile company, in 1999, and the sisters quickly became known for their retro sensibility and vibrant color schemes. They began by selling a line of playful accessories, including throw pillows, wall hangings, and storage bins. So it may have seemed like a leap—albeit an inspired one—when they approached Hickory Chair, a traditional furniture company in North Carolina, about a potential collaboration. “It was exciting, because we were looking for a way to incorporate a more contemporary voice,” says Hickory creative director Ron Fiore. The two teams set out to develop Hickory’s first fabric collection. “We were excited to be doing something completely new,” says Susan.

The sisters adapted their patterns to Hickory’s existing palette of champagne, gray, teal, and other understated hues. The result is a union of surprising motifs and classic silhouettes. Because the Hables’ designs are entirely hand painted—not digitally manipulated to create a clean repeat—they initially posed a challenge in the translation to upholstery. “Our lines aren’t straight, and there’s no perfect match-up,” Susan explains. “But the loosened-up look and the imperfections make it more artful. I like that you can still see my hand.”

The success of the partnership may be due in part to the Hables’ comfort working with traditional furniture— they’ve revived many a flea-market find for their store by reupholstering it with their own textiles. Several of Susan’s inspirations are historic; she cites endpapers from Victorian books, geranium leaves, and the tiled floor of an old Italian hotel.

“Hickory is like the navy-blue blazer of the furniture world,” says Fiore. “You can accessorize it with anything and it will work. That’s what the Hables have done for us. The pieces are fun and cool, and they’re like nothing you see anywhere else.”


Balfour chair covered in Hematite Geranium.

Photographer: Joshua Mchugh

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