Get Out There!


One of my favorite travel resources is the 36 Hours series published in the New York Times Travel section.  I love to get out, roam about, see what’s shakin’ … listen to how people talk, try a little of their favorite foods, check out the local flavor.  I think most people have a little of the adventure in their DNA, right?  No surprise then that Taschen’s 36 Hours:  150 Weekends in the USA & Canada is one of my favorite gift ideas this holiday season!  It’s just been released, so don’t fret … he/she doesn’t have it yet…

Stumped about where to spend a quick couple of days … flip this fabric covered book open to the map:

Pick an area nearby, select the region that falls within the area covered by your Southwest Airlines credit, or close your eyes and point.  Now, turn to that portion of the book (neatly separated by color code and colored ribbon bookmark for that section):

Follow Times illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli’s graphics to the spots you might want to investigate (Oh look! 2 dude-like figures hanging out in Provincetown or maybe  Fallingwater over there in the Laurel Highlands).  From “the great urban centers on everyone’s travel list to surprising locales with undiscovered character and charm,”  it’s all here.  Skip to the emblem for Harvard (just to the right of those Red Sox) and check out the section on Cambridge, MA…

The book, like the Times column, shows you what you need to know to have a great weekend anywhere in North America.  Columns originally written by all sorts contributors have been updated by former Times Travel editor Barbara Ireland, so everything is hot off the press.

For yourself or anyone with very little moss on their stone … this is a perfect way to give the gift of adventure!  A mere $39.99 and it’s done!

Now departing at the gift department in SR Hughes ….

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