Dutch Colonial-Modern Mix


Contemporary Meets Colonial in the May 2011 issue of Elle Decor.  The right touches from the Modern Masters work effortlessly into this Cape Dutch style farmstead in Sonoma County California.

Take, for example, the MR Lounge Chair reproduced by license from Knoll:

I often hear people struggling with the idea of using chrome in a traditional space or going on about the scale of the chair being low when they have high ceilings … they’re worried about making some sort of mistake.  Take a look at Patrick Printy’s use of the chair in his master bedroom:

See how beautifully it works into this setting!  The chair floats up and plays off of the traditional upholstery and flatweave tribal carpet perfectly.  The use of a classic Modern piece adds to the overall design.  The context for the chair is imaginative, so it also adds an energy of a quiet surprise.

Investing in the true classic Modern pieces reproduced by license is part of our core philosophy at SR Hughes.  These are pieces destined to become heirlooms.  They traverse all manner of decorating landscape.  You can add the right element of surprise by introducing them into an unexpected context — they’ll hold their own ground.  Or, you can customize their materials and finishes in a manner consistent with the designer’s original intent to create an unexpected riff on modern style.

Keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see it being done in all of the big name shelter magazines.  You’ll get the hang of it!  Or, come down to the showroom and we’ll help you dream up the perfect modern mix.

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