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Rauschenberg at Philbrook

August 31, 2011

“I’ve always been more attracted to familiar or ordinary things because I find them a lot more mysterious.” Robert Rauschenberg

Looking for something to do this weekend, my husband and I went to see the Rauschenberg exhibit at Philbrook and fell more in love with his work.

Robert Rauschenberg was an important American artist.  He broke the rules and snubbed tradition to create fresh new art.

Rauschenberg enjoyed experimenting will all kinds of techniques, even if the result was not always exactly what he intended.  In fact, he welcomed mistakes, because he felt they led to creativity. He enjoyed painting and photography and often combined the two methods with printmaking.

Printmaking transfers images from one surface to another. Rauschenberg loved to mix them to create something totally new. Rauschenberg often included symbols representing the United States in his art.  Though he was inspired by the USA, he also made art about his travels to other countries, including China, India and Morocco.

“An artist’s job is to be a witness to his time in history.” Robert Rauschenberg

Philbrook Museum of Art

2727 South Rockford Road
Tulsa OK 74114

On exhibit through September 11, 2011.

Dutch Colonial-Modern Mix

August 22, 2011

Contemporary Meets Colonial in the May 2011 issue of Elle Decor.  The right touches from the Modern Masters work effortlessly into this Cape Dutch style farmstead in Sonoma County California.

Take, for example, the MR Lounge Chair reproduced by license from Knoll:

I often hear people struggling with the idea of using chrome in a traditional space or going on about the scale of the chair being low when they have high ceilings … they’re worried about making some sort of mistake.  Take a look at Patrick Printy’s use of the chair in his master bedroom:

See how beautifully it works into this setting!  The chair floats up and plays off of the traditional upholstery and flatweave tribal carpet perfectly.  The use of a classic Modern piece adds to the overall design.  The context for the chair is imaginative, so it also adds an energy of a quiet surprise.

Investing in the true classic Modern pieces reproduced by license is part of our core philosophy at SR Hughes.  These are pieces destined to become heirlooms.  They traverse all manner of decorating landscape.  You can add the right element of surprise by introducing them into an unexpected context — they’ll hold their own ground.  Or, you can customize their materials and finishes in a manner consistent with the designer’s original intent to create an unexpected riff on modern style.

Keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see it being done in all of the big name shelter magazines.  You’ll get the hang of it!  Or, come down to the showroom and we’ll help you dream up the perfect modern mix.

Dine Alfresco with Mazzamiz

August 19, 2011

Get your outdoors with your family and friends!  Enjoy a little food and wine with clean style.  Mamagreen’s Mazzamiz outdoor table has a plantation teak top and white aluminum frame.  It measures 83″ x 35″ and comes with six white aluminum and mesh armchairs.  MSRP:  $4,000.  You can have instant success with our showroom sample display.  SOLD $2,730.

Tulsa International Film Festival

August 17, 2011

The first annual Tulsa International Film Festival will take place between September 22nd and September 25th in Downtown Tulsa. Spanning over four days and multiple venues, the event will feature special guests from the film industry, a myriad of workshops led by industry professionals and renowned university professors, and screenings of over 100 world-class films in multiple genres.

The festival will take place at the new Tulsa Center for Creativity, Hyatt Regency, Living Arts, The Jazz Hall of Fame, and the historic Mayo Hotel. Chosen for their quality, history, and facilities, these venues feature luxurious ballrooms, plenty of rooms for workshops, special events, and the hotels offer high-class accommodations from the heart of Tulsa’s booming downtown district.

The Tulsa International Film Festival will be a fun celebration of independent films in the beautiful city of Tulsa—one of the Midwest’s best-kept secrets.

The schedule of films can be found here Tulsa IFF.

College Lifestyle: Portable Panache?

August 13, 2011

College life means you’re on the move … but it doesn’t mean that your dormroom, apartment, or yurt has to suffer for style.  There are plenty of affordable ideas that will serve you well today without leaving your post-grad love interest wishing you’d just grow up.

Sit with style,  keep it flexibile (use indoors or out), and show them you know all about the Masters (Arne Jacobsen, Eero Saarinen, and Charles Eames).  Masters chair is a “stylistic summation” of three famous chair designs, and color or no, it’s a very easy go ($244).

Or, maybe Thalya’s sit is more your mood ($293)?  Shown here with the Francois Ghost mirror (starting at $410).  Choose clear or color … you can’t go wrong.

Ghost Buster comes in two sizes … for bedside, bathside, or entryway  ($412 and up).  Shown here with the Cindy lamp ($273) … the two go together or fly solo in any interior with perfect poise.

What’s that you say?  You spent all of your allowance on books but you still need a nightstand to put them on (in)?  Check out Anna Castelli Ferrieri’s Componibili shown above in white ($160).  Available in round or square.  Modular elements let you create what is right for you.  Oh yeah, they’re also displayed at MoMA and the Pompidou Centre in case anyone questions your authority.

If its side table you need but, like Saarinen you eschew a slum of legs, then consider Top Top table ($279).  Totally clear or with a colored top … this beauty will lighten your load.

You don’t have to don your orange jumpsuit to use the Mayday light ($108).  This industrial workhorse makes the perfect desktop light.  If you’re trying to create a chandelier ad-hoc because your landlord claims you’re not a certified electrical journeyman, Mayday saves the day!  The hook/handle acts as a cord winder and a vent hole in the shade lets you hang them together … swag those cords (you know you want to) and plug them in.  Done!

If Mayday isn’t quite up to the task, you might consider our new fave, Kelvin ($396).  Wall or table mount, it does the job.  Dimmable LED means you’ll have as much light as you like, never change the bulb, and only use 8 watts of power doing it!  Sounds like you could hook up your bicycle to that and pedal-power it.  Aren’t you the smart one!

SR Hughes showroom can fix your wagon liketly-split!  All the above available in stock or from quickship.

Be Aware of Imitators

August 12, 2011

Or, as the adage suggests … should we be flattered by them?

Whatever the case, I just say know what you’re buying and why.

Licensed manufacturers of classic designs are often imitated.  On some level, it speaks to the quality of that original idea.  Saarinen’s table is so perfectly proportioned, so extremely elegant … everyone wants in on the game!

The licensed manufacturer of the piece (in the above example Knoll) represents top quality and adherence to the designer’s original intent … nothing tweaked to confound original scale and elegance.  Nothing compromised.

An original idea is sometimes bigger than the way we usually see it.  Corbusier’s foundation reveals that this famous chair was originally conceived in a whole host of colors and finishes. You can break the black and chrome barrier to try your own interpretation but still remain faithful to the original idea…

You can see quality, you can feel it with your hands, it gives you satisfaction every day you live with it.  We want you to have years, even generations, of use and enjoyment!  I can remember a client once telling me that they purchased a pair of Cassina sofas back in the early 1980’s when they lived in Florida.  Two teenage boys and 25 years later when they moved to Tulsa, those sofas went directly into their living room without missing a beat … original upholstery and all!

Does this mean you can’t take home a flea market treasure?  Absolutely not!  Nothing wrong with a bargain.  But, if you cast off purchases (bargains or no) often, maybe you’ve not found your true love, the right fit, the home that truly reflects who you are and how you live.  That fake Barcelona (“Farcelona”) chair is a chunk of your hard-earned dough no matter what you paid for it!  Maybe you’d consider what will stand up to the test of time?

If you’re not sure about it, just go slowly.  Educate yourself about what is out there:  who produces quality, can you customize the piece in ways consistent with the designer’s original idea, is this the right item for my home?  Then proceed with confidence and commitment about what you want — you’ll discard less and love more as these decisions age gracefully over time in your beautiful home.

SR Hughes showroom is the only place in Oklahoma for original designs from the Modern masters as well as the best in contemporary furniture design today.  Visit us today and we’ll help you express your original style!

From Feb 28th – March 3rd, save on authorized classics from Knoll like the Saarinen table in this post!

Take a spin with Screw Table by Tom Dixon

August 11, 2011

It’s a romantic table for two, it’s a side table, it’s the Screw Table by Tom Dixon.  With a simple spin of the marble top, this table with its sturdy industrial base can do it all.  Indoor, outdoors, commercial or residential … screw table is undaunted by the task.  Available in two sizes, screw table is the modern day superhero of design.

Available from the showroom display or quickship stock, screw table is ready to swoop in and rescue you!

Bertoia is Asymmetric

August 8, 2011

Created during the same period and in the same style as his iconic 1952 Diamond, Bird, and side chairs and bar stool, Harry Bertoia’s Asymmetric Chaise is considered a masterpiece of mid-century experimental American furniture. The Knoll Museum exhibit, Harry Bertoia, Perspective and Context, features the Asymmetric Chaise alongside several other works of furniture and sculpture Bertoia conceived only miles away in his small workshop in Bally, Pennsylvania.

Bertoia’s works, as he has said, are studies in space, form and metal which often play with the evocation or the reality of motion, sound or color. His wire furniture designs are also studies in function, formed by the conversations he envisioned between the object and its user. How long would one sit? Would one favor support or freedom of movement? These questions formed the foundation of his design method, a process his wife Brigitta aptly dubbed “intuitive engineering.”

Shaped by these discourses, all of the works exhibited bear a distinctimprint of Bertoia’s method, and the Asymmetric Chaise is no exception.

Extraordinary in its complexity and refinement, the Chaise suggests motion without actually moving, its curves appearing to accommodate an invisible guest who alternately melts into them languorously and shifts between them restlessly. The Asymmetric Chaise is certainly among the most evolved products of Bertoia’s “urge for good design.”

The above text is reprinted from

Take 2: I love modern, but my house is traditional

August 5, 2011

Elle Decor’s article Reviving a Historic House beautifully illustrates how traditional and modern design compliment each other.

It doesn’t get much more traditional than the house that Ted Tuttle bought.  It was designed by Elizabeth Ayer, the first woman to graduate from architecture school at the University of Washington in 1935.

Could you ever imagine this piece in this house?

Well, hello darling……..

Or what about the Kalos chair from B&B Italia’s Maxalto collection?

Hmmm, Kalos looks right at home ….

In fact, Elizabeth Ayer could have relaxed in this chair while studying the work of her contemporary Mies van der Rohe.  And, that Barcelona couch rests just as easily in the living room as it could have when Ms. Ayer lived there.

Whether contemporary, traditional, or Modern, classic style spans time effortlessly.  Go ahead, work out your traditional bones with a bit of modern living!

Pure Luxury

August 2, 2011

Sha wellness

SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain was featured in Town & Country magazine and I was nearly drooling as I read about all the amenities that promise to turn back the hands of time.  The attention to detail regarding deep relaxation, diet, exercise and the design of the spa had me spellbound. And then I saw it…….Luxury Pure … the unconventional ceiling light by Ingo Maurer.

The soft floating ceiling fixture was right at home in the clean and tranquil SHA Life Learning Center.   Smitten!

Ingo Maurer’s lighting has long been close to our hearts at SR Hughes. His philosophy about quality of light and wellness, his sense of humor, and his artistry all add up to a unique sensibility.  If you’re not going to SHA anytime soon, stop by SR Hughes showroom and let’s have a little wellness clinic that incorporates unique lighting design for your space!

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