Art Deco in T-Town


Known as the “Terra Cotta City” in the late 1920s for its beautiful examples of art deco buildings, Tulsa offers this walking tour so others can learn of the fascinating history and architects behind them. Many of the buildings are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and three internationally recognized architects designed buildings in Tulsa that are considered outstanding examples of art deco style: Frank Lloyd Wright (Westhope); Barry Byrne (Christ the King Church); and Bruce Goff (Boston Avenue United Methodist Church). Other art deco buildings include the Philcade, Warehouse Market, Spotlight Theater, Tulsa Union Depot, Fairgrounds Pavilion, Will Rogers High School, Tulsa Monument Company, the Fire Alarm Building, and the Brook Theater (now the Brook restaurant). Maps of these art deco landmarks are available from the Tulsa Metro Chamber, located in the Williams Center Tower II, Plaza Level, at 2 West Second St. (918) 585-1201.  Alternatively, you can download this map showing historical significance of Tulsa’s downtown buildings.

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