edit. is a world class design store owned by BC and Olivia Lee.  The couple met in June of 2009, married in March 2011, and opened edit. a short month later in April.  The concept of “edit” came from their personal need to eliminate all the superfluous and unnecessary things in their own lives.

They believe that their curated selection of items are unique not only to Tulsa but to the entire region.  “We tried to bring an amazing eclectic mix of items to the store from electronics, to home accessories, to office products…even bicycles.  I like to describe us as “like the Apple Store…but for everything else”, says BC.

Both grew up with  a love for design and style so combining their passions into a joint venture made sense.  In addition to working at edit., Olivia also has her own business as a personal stylist, makeup artist, and fashion blogger, called “Liv Glamorous“. “Because of her background Olivia has a keen eye for choosing the right mix of products as well as great merchandising skills”, says her husband.

Their vendors include Alessi, Iittala, Mono, Pott Flatware, Stelton, Vipp, Tivoli Audio, Strida Bikes, ExoVault iPhone cases, Area Home Linens, and many more.

Stop by to experience what edit. is all about!

You can contact them at owners@editulsa.com and submit any cool items you find to coolhunters@editulsa.com.


3524 S Peoria  center1  Tulsa


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