Traditional Architecture, Innovative Interior


Okay … around here, we call my blog beat “product.”  However, what it’s really about is putting up solutions to the challenges people face when they design their spaces.  At SR Hughes, it’s all about helping people inhabit their home, office, garden … with a unique energy.  Does the space make you feel good?  Does it function the way you want it to?  Does it uniquely reflect you?

When I meet people in the showroom, I often hear them respond to what they see with excitement … they identify a positive energy from what they’re seeing … that its contemporary, but different.  I love that — I feel lucky that we make that positive emotional connection with people!

Even with the positive reaction, I know people may struggle a bit to imagine things they see in a different context.  I understand that … whether a professional or amateur … I think that only becomes easier with practice.  One thing I can offer … it’s a favorite quote from Jens Risom

“Good design means that anything good will go well with other equally good things – contemporary or traditional.”

If one hasn’t experimented with Risom’s idea yet, she could easily fall into the trap of thinking that her traditional home by rote requires a traditional interior.  That dogma is fading, thank goodness!  We invite you to look and live forward.  Travel, experiment, and see past the usual.  The “shrinking” of the world via electronics and affordable airfare is making that easier!

This is a fantastic photo shoot from the New York Times of a 14th Century castle re-inhabited.  I think the photos do more than any of my philosophising could ever do.  Take the tour by clicking the photo below (It’ll lead you to a fantastic slide show of the castle on the NY Times website).  Dream a little! 

And by the way … if you need  a little help with a chair, a lamp, or chaise … SR Hughes represents several companies who make products shown in the shoot!

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