Red Hot from Milano … Planet Suspended Light


A beautiful soft shape floating in space … the organic nature of Planet has a certian gravitational pull.  That itself is reason enough to choose this as the suspended light over your dining table, kitchen island, or workspace.

However, closer inspection reveals another beautiful story… the spherical shape of this luminescent beauty comes not from an interior structure, but instead is created by the pattern sewn onto the outside of the fabric with a special yarn.

“The initial challenge was to create a fabric lamp that was completely empty and without an inner frame.  The idea was to create a load-bearing seam, which would be simultaneously structural and decorative.  Inspiration came from a system devised for the smart clothing used by astronauts, where external embroidery stitched with a special yarn allows the suit to adhere to the body, retaining total flexibility and freedom of movement, even in zero gravity.”

Foscarini’s Planet is the perfect synthesis of soft beauty and high technology.  I love when beauty comes not only from aesthetics but also from ideas.  When we talk with people about items to use in their homes, offices, or commercial spaces we can always direct them to things that will look good, work well, and last … but the idea of things being close to peoples hearts because of their story has always appealed to me most.

Stop by SR Hughes showroom.  We’ll help you find a creative solution to your own lighting challenge!

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