Dwell Magazine April 2011: The Cheap Seats


“There are lots of handsome chairs out there, but sitting beauties that cost $250 or less are a rarer breed. Our picks run the gamut from traditional (the wooden, Shaker-inspired Salt or the Thonet-designed Era, the quintessential cafe chair) to the downright futuristic (we’re looking at you, oddly anthropomorphic Dr. Yes). We sat, swayed, shook, stacked; we hefted them into the air; we typed, ate, and made grand conversational hand gestures. Here’s how they stood up in our sitting showdown.”

cheap seats
Some of our favorites and yes, available at SR Hughes or SR Hughes+ are the following:

Dr. Yes Chair

dr yes chair square

Air Chair

  • Designed by: Jasper Morrison
  • Made by: Magis
  • Price:  $152.00
morrison air chair square
You may have enjoyed breakfast at Queenies in Utica Square in this smart chair placed by SR Hughes+

Spark Chair

  • Made by: Knoll
  • Price: $159.00-235.00

Jamie Gross’s piece, The Cheap Seats in Dwell Magazine April 2011 issue offers affordable good design in seating.   Also, a breakdown of price and the author’s opinion of the pros and cons of each chair.  Follow the link below, Dwell is a favorite here at SR Hughes and gives great design direction.

Read more: http://www.dwell.com/articles/the-cheap-seats.html#ixzz1KprFxyfS

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