Easy Living Outdoors … Kartell


Contemporary or transitional, its easy to live outdoor with Kartell

Tip Top.  The perfect outdoor side table!  Statuesque pedestal base, colored or clear lens for the top.

La Boheme is sculpture, but commercially rated as a seat.  A collection of fun colors makes this a perfect multi to use perching your bum or your rum just where you want it!

Dr. No / Dr.Na  … the classic cafe setup!  Often copied, oh the flattery!  But, when you want the toughest, commercial grade goods to stand up (even at home) … stick with Kartell!

Magic Hole is the new hot seat from bad boy Philippe Starck.  Chair or sofa, we think it provides a wonderful contemporary counterpart to its older brother “Bubble…”

Bubble Club … everybody knows, no?  If ubiquitous, it still performs like a star and adds a twinkle to your eye … who can resist setting the rolled arm sofa on the porch or out in the yard without getting a call from the neighborhood association!

Ami Ami … a wonderful newer edition with woven texture.  The perfect place for an outdoor lunch in your wet bathing suit or day-in-day-out service at  your favorite outdoor eatery.

Quick delivery, fun color, commercial construction, and long-lasting aesthetics.  Don’t think, just follow your emotion … get outdoors and have fun!  Its easy!

Best of all … through March 19th, save 15% on all things Kartell right here at SR Hughes.

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