My Maserati does 185……



One word says it all.  Luxury inside and out.

Maserati GranTurismo Convertible

Like the rest of the car, the leather is the best of  best-like butter.  The  quality of leather, stitching and attention to detail is a work of art.  The fact remains the same, it’s a machine, a car and though you may struggle and even shed a tear or two, eventually you sell it or trade it.

Well dry your eyes and fasten your seatbelt darling.  The interior of Maserati is pure Poltrona Frau.  You can bring the Maserati interior right into your own home with a little help from your friends at SR Hughes.

“To sit in a Poltrona Frau chair is to be enveloped by something that is both softer and stronger than you imagined possible, something that quickly comes to feel like an extension of your very own skin; and to behold such a chair, rendered in shades both subtle and stark, soothing and invigorating, is to invite your eyes to a gala spectacle. Quite simply, Poltrona Frau must be experienced to be appreciated.” (

Chester One
Massimosistema Sectional
The best craftsmanship Italy has to offer.  The finest leather you can buy.  When you’re ready to trade up and keep your furniture around for the next generation to enjoy, come experience Poltrona Frau at SR Hughes.

Ready to start your engines?  Shop now through March 20th, 2012 during the Poltrona Frau Spring Sale and keep 20% for yourself … maybe fuel up that Gran Turismo?

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