Tolentino Travel … The Old and New


So, I had the good fortune to be in Tolentino recently.  The small medieval city center is enchanting.

I came here to tour the Poltrona Frau factory which sits just outside the old city walls.

I’m amazed by the seamless interaction of craft and technology at Poltrona Frau.  Whether building a Chester sofa from the historic archive …

… using much the same materials, craftsmanship, and technique as has been done for the past 100 years at Poltrona Frau …or,

working at the Interiors In Motion division of the factory to outfit a yacht, train, airplane, or car with the most technologically advanced methods …

…the end result is beautiful craftsmanship.

From a simple dining chair to a race car seat … workmanship is the common bond.

Seating for your home, office, or in the finest public and private spaces … Frau’s work with 10 Pritzker Prize winning architects on some of the world’s most revered projects speaks to the capabilities of a large corporation.  But, its only because of the capabilities at the hands of the local craftsmen and women …

…that Frau maintains its feel of the finest quality money can buy from zero to five hundred miles per hour.

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