TGIF Pull up a chair…….


Thank goodness it’s Friday.  Whether it’s time to kick up your heels and share a toast with friends or wind down and relax, the right bar stool is a must.  Here are some of our favorites……

Knoll Bertoia is not only a beauty, but a classic.  You choose the seat pad and can spice it up with some color or keep it smooth and neutral.

Alias Spaghetti stool is a chameleon of sorts where you choose from clear or colored PVC or hide.   You will rest easy in the stool with a price range of $310-735 per

With Kartell’s Charles Ghost, the sky is the limit.   Indoor, Outdoor, Stackable, Colors, Clear… choose.

And then we have Cassina Cab bar stool by Mario Bellini and it’s love at first sight.

So whether you’re Budweiser in a bottle or shaken and not stirred, SR Hughes has the bar stool for you.

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2 Responses to “TGIF Pull up a chair…….”

  1. Valentine Branning Says:

    Bar stools should be made from reinforced steel to provide more safety for the customers in a restaurant. **`;`

    Remember to look out for our new blog

    • brianhughes Says:

      We agree that you need to consider safety when choosing a seat for a commercial project. Manufacturers who have submitted products to independent testing will provide customers with those results. Because new materials and manufacturing techniques continue to provide us with more options, we are no longer as limited by specific materials to guarantee that a product is safe for commercial use. Kartell, Knoll, and Alias provide this data on their products so you can make an informed decision. We think its great that there are commercially tested products that are equally at ease in residential settings too.


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