A Tale of Two Sofas


There was once a woman who wanted a very large and comfortable sectional for the corner of a TV room.  The room was not at the top of a tower but it might as well have been…..it was a steep stairway with a sharp right turn at the landing.  What would fill the requirements and still be able to fit through the door?

Happily the brilliant designer, Philippe Starck, had designed a system of upholstered elements with removable covers AND the ability to be dismantled into all of its component parts.  Voila!   Problem solved by the CassinaMister” sectional.

Not long after, the same woman needed a new sofa in her lovely but inaccessible New York City apartment.  The first sleeper sofa that had come to live at the apartment was taken apart, piece by tiny piece, taken up the very tiny elevator and reassembled.  Oy Vey….that was a situation!  Fortunately, “Mister” to the rescue once again.  The back, arms, legs etc, etc came up the tiny elevator, through the tiny foyer and into the living area where they went back together in a flash.

Everyone has lived happily ever since and the story definitely has a moral.  If you want a hassle-free experience with an “iffy” space, go straight to SR Hughes and select a “Mister” sectional for yourself.  Order by September 23rd, 2011 and take advantage of the Cassina Fall Sale!

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