Looking Ahead


It’s all too true…..because of the snowy weather we are spending some forced time in front of the fireplace or behind the snow shovel. But never fear, soon enough these days of endless television, Facebook, bored kids and refrigerator raids will be replaced with Tulsa’s beautiful spring and “oh so hot” summer.

Yes, it’s hard to imagine that the swimsuit will soon replace the parka. Time on the sofa will turn into time outside and along with that comes the migration to the pool and the deck.

So….take a quick inventory of your patio furnishings. Your outdoor area won’t be very inviting if you are spending time on some less than stellar, weather beaten chairs and loungers.

Now is the time to check out the exciting lines of outdoor furniture that will be featured at SR Hughes. Come into the showroom or check us out online. MamaGreen, Alias, Paola Lenti and Kartell are a few of the companies with fun, sturdy and great looking pieces that will add lots of comfort and clean, cool design style to your outdoor living spaces.

If you want the ideal set up for enjoying some quality time outside, let us help you choose the loungers, chairs, tables and sunshades that will transform your green space into a “dream space”.

Don’t just imagine better weather…..take the next step and make a plan! Placing your order now will guarantee delivery in plenty of time.

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