Barcelona: A Classic Fit for a Queen and now ON SALE at SR Hughes


Classic: adj. something that is a perfect example of a particular style; something of lasting worth with a timeless quality.

Yes, it is a perfect example of a particular style.

Lasting? I’d have to say Ole! Mies van der Rohe collaborated with Lily Reich to design the Barcelona Chair to be used in the pavilion of the 1929 Barcelona World Arts Fair. It was their interpretation of the folding chair used by Egyptian royalty and the Roman foot stool that became the throne for the King and Queen of Spain and other royalty during the fair. Today, along with more than 40 other Knoll products, the Barcelona chair is in the permanent collection at MOMA due to its pure composition which came to epitomize Modern architecture.

Timeless quality? Absolutely! You can choose this handwelted beauty in any color of leather to suit your style.

Truth is, everyone likes to be queen for a day. So, come visit SR Hughes at Center 1 3410 S Peoria Ave #100 Tulsa, Oklahoma during the Knoll Classics Sale September 23rd-October 1, 2011 and see what suits your style.

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