LED Love


22 years ago when it was introduced, the Tolomeo lamp already respected the conditions that have become essential strategies for designing a new lamp today:

  • low consumption of materials
  • refraining from using materials that are being exhausted
  • long product life
  • recyclability of the materials used
  • products that are easy to dismantle

Though the folks at Artemide may have been a bit ahead of their time, they have still managed to improve on that first blush.

For example, Tolomeo is available for floor or wall mount,

a clip-on version,

with a fabric or parchment shade,

and even for suspension from the ceiling.

However, the modification with the biggest impact is today’s version with an LED light source.  The illumination of an 100 watt light bulb while sipping a mere 10 watts of energy.   That’s 90% less power than the original 100 watt incandescent bulb the fixture was originally designed to use!  The LED light source is so efficient in its conversion of power (watts) to light (lumens) that it wastes very little heat in the process.  For you and I, that means one cool customer to read with late nights in bed…

Stop by SR Hughes showroom Oct 7 – 19th(2011)  and save 15% on Tolomeo and a whole host innovative lighting solutions from Artemide.

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