My New Love


OK….I’ll admit it.  I’m in love.  His name is “Chester”….Mr. Field, that is.

This bastion of tradition, this most British of sofas has been reborn and it was done by the stylish Italian company Poltrona Frau.  They pride themselves on shunning the transience of fashion but with “Chester” and “Chester One” they have started with the classic Edwardian model and taken it up a notch.

This is not your grandfather’s sofa.  The Chesterfield style has historically been associated with a noble, yet austere atmosphere…..the lobby of a grand hotel or the waiting area at the barrister’s office.  But, “Chester” wears the same quality of leather as a Maserati and sports pleating with a combination of button tufting that whispers, “I’m classic and elegant but I’m also sexy and contemporary.”  When you take “Chester” home or to the office, these handcrafted details will continue to exude luxury and a timeless quality.

If size matters, “Chester One” is a generous and accommodating presence.  Three sizes are available, the largest being an ample 103″.

The more diminutive “Chester” is also available in several sizes.  The love seat at 63″ would be perfect in the dressing area…..picture white or cream leather.  Who wouldn’t want to kick off those Louboutins and lounge in this beauty at the end of the day?

So let’s get to the best part.  From SEPTEMBER 9-23, SR Hughes will place your custom order at a reduction of 20% off of the retail price.  How can you resist?

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