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Tis the Season for Care Card

October 26, 2010

Giorgetti Craftsmanship on Reserve Now in the USA

October 20, 2010

Each chair created by hand to last a lifetime.

As comfortable as a favorite chair ought to be.  As timeless as any classic.  And, versatile enough to provide the perfect seat at home, work, or play.

Riserva America combines three chairs, a settee, and an ottoman from the Giorgetti Progetti collection.  You choose from two luxurious textile options.  The chair frames and pau ferro arm detail correspond beautifully with the side table. Combine them together or choose the perfect one to complete your own environment.  Handmade in Italy. In stock in the US for immediate shipment.

LED Love

October 15, 2010

22 years ago when it was introduced, the Tolomeo lamp already respected the conditions that have become essential strategies for designing a new lamp today:

  • low consumption of materials
  • refraining from using materials that are being exhausted
  • long product life
  • recyclability of the materials used
  • products that are easy to dismantle

Though the folks at Artemide may have been a bit ahead of their time, they have still managed to improve on that first blush.

For example, Tolomeo is available for floor or wall mount,

a clip-on version,

with a fabric or parchment shade,

and even for suspension from the ceiling.

However, the modification with the biggest impact is today’s version with an LED light source.  The illumination of an 100 watt light bulb while sipping a mere 10 watts of energy.   That’s 90% less power than the original 100 watt incandescent bulb the fixture was originally designed to use!  The LED light source is so efficient in its conversion of power (watts) to light (lumens) that it wastes very little heat in the process.  For you and I, that means one cool customer to read with late nights in bed…

Stop by SR Hughes showroom Oct 7 – 19th(2011)  and save 15% on Tolomeo and a whole host innovative lighting solutions from Artemide.


October 12, 2010

For more than forty years, Artemide has aimed to propose light as a companion to people, as a source of physical pleasure and mental comfort. Artemide has done so, with different work groups, searching through the whole design process, starting with a declaration of values – The human light.  

To view the Artemide Fall Sale catalog, please download the attached PDF. The Artemide Sale Catalog can also be found in the October issue of Dwell magazine.


Experience the Artemide Collection in person at SR Hughes, open Tues – Sat 10:30-5:30.

Flos Lighting Sale

October 9, 2010

A Bit of the Whole of Well Known Knoll

October 4, 2010

Knoll has been crafting intelligently designed furniture since its founding 72 years ago and has become one of the world’s leaders in the design industry. Mies van der Rohe’s tufted Barcelona chair, Warren Platner’s sculpted wire table collection, and Marcel Breuer’s eleather strapped Wassily chair. These are a few of the widely recognizable, award winning pieces that have not only made their way into museum collections but are exclusively manufactured by Knoll.

Hans Knoll was influenced in his youth by his father’s furniture production business. It must run in the genes. Marcel Breuer, Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe had a few blueprints straight from Bauhaus School for Hans’ father, Walter, who diligently produced prototypes for these legends of design.

Hans Knoll was eventually to leave Germany and land in the Big Apple where he would found Knoll Furniture in 1938. By ’46 Hans married his three year working companion, the brilliant and beautiful Florence Schust. A well schooled architect with good connections, Florence would prove to be an invaluable business partner. The same year they married Knoll Associates was incorporated. Their years together were spent building the company’s reputation by specifically combining the fields of architecture and furniture production. Who else but an architect could design furniture that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and moreover, built to last like buildings?

After the sudden death of Hans Knoll in 1955, Florence took the helm of the company and continued her work with some of the most influential architects of the 20th century, including Eero Saarinen (pictured above with Florence). The genius who would design the Saint Louis Gateway Arch had a remarkable influence at Knoll with the creation of the Tulip chairs, a series of round and oval tables, and the iconic womb chair.

Florence Knoll won many awards with her own designs thus proving that the Knoll brand was truly in good hands. Knoll operates and manufactures still to this day in America and is represented in dealerships around the world. Knoll’s commitment to innovation propels the company forward and its firm belief in the preservation of classic modern design makes Knoll one of our favorites.

For more of the Knoll story, interviews, history and an unprecedented look inside the Knoll philosophy check out the Rizzoli published Knoll: A Modernist Universe.

My New Love

October 2, 2010

OK….I’ll admit it.  I’m in love.  His name is “Chester”….Mr. Field, that is.

This bastion of tradition, this most British of sofas has been reborn and it was done by the stylish Italian company Poltrona Frau.  They pride themselves on shunning the transience of fashion but with “Chester” and “Chester One” they have started with the classic Edwardian model and taken it up a notch.

This is not your grandfather’s sofa.  The Chesterfield style has historically been associated with a noble, yet austere atmosphere…..the lobby of a grand hotel or the waiting area at the barrister’s office.  But, “Chester” wears the same quality of leather as a Maserati and sports pleating with a combination of button tufting that whispers, “I’m classic and elegant but I’m also sexy and contemporary.”  When you take “Chester” home or to the office, these handcrafted details will continue to exude luxury and a timeless quality.

If size matters, “Chester One” is a generous and accommodating presence.  Three sizes are available, the largest being an ample 103″.

The more diminutive “Chester” is also available in several sizes.  The love seat at 63″ would be perfect in the dressing area…..picture white or cream leather.  Who wouldn’t want to kick off those Louboutins and lounge in this beauty at the end of the day?

So let’s get to the best part.  From SEPTEMBER 9-23, SR Hughes will place your custom order at a reduction of 20% off of the retail price.  How can you resist?

Experience the Modernist Movement

October 1, 2010

Risom Chair for Knoll Studio

When selecting furniture for a client’s space, I never resist the urge to incorporate history into a home. Yes, history.  It is a beautiful dance of who we were, who we are becoming, and remembering who came before us; those who set the precedent for interior design today.  Jens Risom is one of those people.  He is a remarkable designer whose work is now iconic.  Risom is credited with blending traditional Scandinavian values with post-war American furniture design creating beautiful, simple lines with an interesting connection of materials.

Knoll Studio Risom Lounge Chair

This style is reflected in the Risom chair for Knoll Studio.  This piece of simple wood construction using surplus military webbing was designed before Risom entered the army during World War II.  Although designed in 1943, the Risom chair still resonates a quiet touch of modern aesthetic which makes it a chameleon for anyone’s home.  Although the Risom chair is one of Knoll’s best values, you can have this piece in your own home and experience the modernist movement — priceless!


From Feb 28th to March 3rd, 2012 save on the classics (like Risom) from Knoll.  Come into SR Hughes and we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your space.

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