A Current Favorite


Francois Ghost Et Toi?

Bien Sur!  Whether washing my face at 5 am before a run or checking a quick glimpse on the way out the door, I am always reminded of my love for Francois. Kartell’s Francois Ghost mirror by Philppe Starck that is.  The light and crisp feel of this piece gives a clean look to my powder room that always leaves me gushing ooh la la!

Francois Ghost Mirror is available in two sizes: 25.5″ x 31″H and 34.7″ x 43.6″H meaning he fits most any need.  Colors are transparent: Crystal, Yellow, Bottle Green, Purple and Red so he’s ready for any event.  He’s fun, fast, and available (in stock and ready for you to fall in love).  Ooh La!

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