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July Sample Sale

June 30, 2010

Tough as a STONE

June 25, 2010

Kartell’s polycarbonate STONE is super stylish with its prismatic effect and sinuous shape.  I love that STONE is a stool, table and sculpture all in one.  Now that I have a wild 2yr old boy, I love that STONE is so tough.  My creative toddler enjoys jumping off, druming on and rolling STONE across the floor.

You shouldn’t have to sacrafice style while your kids are young, you should just be wise about your purchases.  Many of Kartell’s designs are tough enough for contract use which also makes them a smart stylish choice for those of us with kids and pets.  Don’t let the translucent nature of Kartell’s plastic designs fool you.  This furniture is tough stuff and easily wipes clean.

I love the interiors of Sixx Design who just finished up their Bravo show, 9 by design.  Designers Cortney and Bob like to mix old  and new designs into their interiors always with great art and a sense of humor.  While watching 9 by design I noticed they also love Kartell and use it in many of their projects which makes sense since they have seven young children.

SR Hughes currently has STONE on display in a variety of vibrant colors.

Kartell Refreshes Any Environment

June 23, 2010

One thing I love about good design … it plays well with friends.  A brand like Kartell is always making people smile, but it also has a great design pedigree, is durable enough for commercial applications, and goes easy on the wallet.  It integrates effortlessly into how you want to live:

Bourgeois Allure

June 19, 2010

If you are familiar with Kartell, you know that the names given to objects in their lines are sometimes funny, ordinary, personal or all of the above!  One of the latest incarnations is Tati.  Its a wonderful blend of clean lines, modern materials, and tradition with a twist.  The rectangular body is composed of transparent polycarbonate.  As for the diffuser shade, you have a choice of white or black.  The third choice, a pleated fabric, is what has our design team excited.  Its a great transitional look that will be a standout in a traditional or contemporary environment.  Come into SR Hughes and let one of our designers or showroom personnel show you “the light”!!

A Current Favorite

June 19, 2010

Francois Ghost Et Toi?

Bien Sur!  Whether washing my face at 5 am before a run or checking a quick glimpse on the way out the door, I am always reminded of my love for Francois. Kartell’s Francois Ghost mirror by Philppe Starck that is.  The light and crisp feel of this piece gives a clean look to my powder room that always leaves me gushing ooh la la!

Francois Ghost Mirror is available in two sizes: 25.5″ x 31″H and 34.7″ x 43.6″H meaning he fits most any need.  Colors are transparent: Crystal, Yellow, Bottle Green, Purple and Red so he’s ready for any event.  He’s fun, fast, and available (in stock and ready for you to fall in love).  Ooh La!

EcoSmart to Warm those Chilly Utah Nights

June 17, 2010

There is a fabulous place I was just informed of and I wanted to pass the news along to you. The Amangiri is a luxury resort in Canyon Point Utah. In fact, the corporate headquarters for the Amangiri is located in Singapore and they have these resorts all over the world. The Utah location is a particular wonder to me. A spa in the middle of the desert? My first inclination was to think, how could one be so comfortable among the sterile landscape? And then I saw the pictures.

Amangiri means “peaceful mountain” and is located at the Four Corners.

This resort hotel is fabulously appointed (and yes, I do use the word fabulous all-too frequently and much to my intention and liking). Waking up to that view would surely be something to write home about.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen large subway tile run vertically before. I do like it.

This is the library. I’m really diggin’ those lights on the ceiling. I’m not quite sure who the manufacturer is but I happened upon a fixture the other day when I ventured down to the SR Hughes basement where we keep the archives and canned foodstuffs. I was thumbing through a tome of design knowledge and I said, “Eureka and Satori! when I saw this light:

Artemide makes this piece called Disc Suspension. The price point is surprisingly reasonable and they have several finish options. Let us know if you would like further information about this light.

Now this is the picture I really want you to see. Check out how they installed this EcoSmart Grate range in the outdoor seating area.

Now here’s a picture of it from the inside of the suite. To me this speaks highly to the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. It’s important to make the two spaces flow together and not compete, both with your furnishings and with the colors you choose for inside fabrics and outdoor landscaping.

The EcoSmart Grate range is an affordable fireplace that is vent free and connection free, so you can put it anywhere. One nice thing about this particular unit is that it is portable so you can move it around instead of a permanent installation. As we continue to discuss outdoor living I hope you’ll check back with us soon about more “News from Hughes.”

Create Outdoor Drama

June 15, 2010

The latest addition to the ever evolving EcoSmart™ Fire Outdoor Fireplace Collection is the Cyl – a cylindrical shaped “tea light” fireplace.

The Cyl is constructed from weather-resistant materials, is fully portable and designed to make a dramatic statement in any outdoor setting.

The round stainless steel base encases a 5 litre stainless steel ethanol burner.  The toughened glass surround that embraces the flame is elevated by three stainless steel feet thus allowing the flame to lift and burn a brilliant light.

Cyl can be turned on and off as desired using the accompanying lid which extinguishes the flame once put into position.

EcoSmart’s Cyl makes a stylish addition to any alfresco party or event – at any time of the year. As with all EcoSmart Outdoor fireplaces, the Cyl runs on denatured ethanol, an environmentally friendly energy source. 

Visit the SR Hughes showroom to experience the drama of Cyl for yourself, or you can check out the entire Ecosmart Fire Outdoor Range Collection here.

From Oct. 14th to Nov 13th, save 15% on all Ecosmart Fire biofuel fireplaces.  Let us help you design the perfect clean burning fireplace for indoors or out!

Love Your Mama

June 11, 2010

SR Hughes proudly announces the addition of a fantastic ecofriendly outdoor line to the showroom!  Mama Green incorporates FSC reclaimed teak and recycled mesh in the construction of many pieces.  Casual yet sophisticated.  Dining, relaxing with friends, or lazing by the pool … Mama Green integrates seamlessly into how you want to live.

Hot Town, Summer in the City

June 10, 2010

Cool town, evenin’ in the city Dressed so fine and lookin’ so pretty  

Joe Cocker in Kartell's Bubble Club Chair, designed by Philippe Stark


If you’re anything like me then winter can be a difficult and perilous time for you. The snow is beautiful but winter in Tulsa has certain dangers: avoiding falling icicles, tumbling over your snowshoes, and although a semi-rare species in Tulsa, chance encounters with snow leopards. Spring comes and we’re allowed to enjoy about 3 full days of 70 degree sunshine sipping champagne on the lawn. Spring in Tulsa is like an animated Disney feature. The tulips appear and fade across the city from 2:30 to 2:35 pm. Summer sweeps in all too fast. As I write this there are tumbleweeds passing by the front window.  

However, if you’re anything like me, summer holds many joys for you too. The lakes aren’t as green this time of year and the vegetable gardens are bursting with activity. The Brookside fashionistas have dawned their newly acquired  bikinis, sarongs and daisy dukes. I love the smell of suntan lotion and wish I could call for someone to freshen up this daiquiri.  

Outdoors in Oklahoma can be unbearably hot and I wouldn’t suggest an immediate swim in the Arkansas river as its banks are host to a number of power plants. Saltwater pools are all the rage now and the shade is the best place to be. So, grab your over sized umbrellas and chide your husband for not hiring a professional to build the patio cover instead of touting his own woodworking abilities. Follow me folks! Smile as you pass into the wonderful world of outdoor living in style.  

Our June window presentation takes us to the wonderful, playful, and sometimes magic world of Kartell. This Italian plastics company manufactures some of the sturdiest furniture and fittings in the business. Most of what you see will be injection-molded polycarbonate, meaning that the chair is one solid piece instead of many parts glued together. The pieces are incredibly lightweight and most are outdoor friendly. Being made of motorcycle helmet material, Kartell plastics are extremely resilient and sturdy.  

It's all Stark Baby


Philippe Stark designed the Bubble Club series of chairs, tables and sofas. Kartell offers a beautiful terracotta color among others. The wee little gnomes make great side tables. Try them in all black or all gold if you’re going for the bling look. Check out those vases! Towering at 65″ high these awesome blossom holders  make such a statement. They’re fun with fresh-cut flowers. Or mannequin heads with funky disco wigs.  


I’ll let you in on a little secret: SR Hughes now has a SAMPLE SALE ROOM that I like to call the “Dicount-tech” Don’t forget to take a spin in the Discount-tech next time you’re in the shop  

Top Top is an excellent cafe table. These are outdoor friendly too and a simply smashing. A light lunch can be presented quite elegantly here. Kipper anyone? And if you’re tired of spray painting your wire chairs every sultry season why not invest in something simple, something elegant and something that will last: Kartell colored pieces are batch dyed, meaning that the color is all the way through and not applied to the surface only! 


Now let’s just say you’re going for more color. One great thing about Kartell, maybe the best thing about Kartell, is that all of their products are available in a multiple finishes. What’s you’re favorite color?  

Mine happens to be sapphire blue (but ask me tomorrow and it might be bottle green or ruby red).  


Our friends at the Philbrook Museum of Art were kind enough to provide us with an image of their South terrace to help us set the stage.  

A fabulous piece from artist Scott Causey features front and center. To learn more about Scott Causey check out his website. MA Doran Gallery is one of my favorite places in town. Just across the street from SR Hughes, MA is constantly rotating artwork and makes the most stunning finds. It is a great place to visit when you’re on Brookside. See their website here.  

Come on, come on let’s dance all night Despite the heat it’ll be alright

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