Philippe Stark “Why Design?” at TED


Neurologist Vilayanur Ramachandran, Professor Stephen Hawking, writer and journalist Malcolm Gladwell and autism activist Temple Grandin. What do these people have in common? Once a year some of the most brilliant innovators are invited to take part in the TED conference. This impressive meeting of the minds was once held behind closed doors in Monterey California. Thanks to a partnership with BMW the TED talks and archives are now available free to the public worldwide. Each speaker is given 18 minutes to present on any topic. Check out TED and you’ll see a host of talks ranging from architecture, astrophysics, life science, philosophy, music and the arts, sociology, computer science and the list goes on. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design has featured many of our favorite top architects and designers, one of them being none other than the “bad boy” of design, Philippe Stark. Enjoy the video above and spend some time on!

Some Philippe Stark design pieces are on display in the SR Hughes Showroom. Stark designs across the board, everything from toothbrushes to sunglasses to spaceships and luckily for us, furniture too. Here are some examples of his streamlined, highly functional, and often playful creations…

Our best-selling sofa is manufactured in Meda Italy by Cassina. Stark's design - 2004

Napoleon and Attila are the names of Philippe Stark's playful Gnome side tables.

Alan and Denny enjoy Stark's Bubble Club chairs

Stark Designed this floor lamp for Italian lighting design giant FLOS

A smart tufted chair in black from Cassina. This Stark beauty is called Caprice.

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