“But Daddy I Want it Now”


Young Veruca Salt said in Mel Stuart’s 1971 classic, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, “I want it now!”  The several months required to have a piece of lifetime furniture custom made in Italy is totally worth the wait, but many are now taking advantage of Cassina, Kartell, and Poltrona Frau‘s Quick-Ship options.  Salivating over that sofa, bookshelf or coffee table?  No need to worry about ending up like Veruca Salt!   She was dumped down the garbage shoot you know.  The pleasures of immediate gratification can be sweet and rewarding if you work with a talented sales staff and make informed decisions.  Even if the tortoise won the race, the rabbit had the “oh so chic” and fabulous Italian apartment.  Order now and in as little as two weeks it will be ” Presto!” and “Buongiorno contemporaneo.”  Here are some of our favorites that can grace your home faster that you can say “Modern Masterpieces.”

Piero Lissoni devised this clever series of tables that can not only be conjoined and reassembled into countless configurations, but showcase your books, art pieces or dare I say...Hummels.

The Auckland chair is sculpural efficiency. It swivels too!

Someday I hope to visit the Park Hyatt in Tokyo and sit in the lounge, perhaps taking in a little karaoke and sitting in one of my favorite chairs. This is Cab, designed by the master Architect Mario Bellini.

The popularity of the Cab chair encouraged Bellini to develop a counter and barstool version of the chair. Pairing a soft component with your granite, concrete or mable countertops is preferable. Avoiding fabric and going with a more durable material is a great investment and nothing is more durable than saddle leather. It conforms naturaly to your body over time but thanks to the steel frame underneath, this chair need never be replaced.

THIS IS IT! My favorite table of all time! I find the geometry and design simply amazing. Six steel rods. Three touch the floor but not the glass top. Three touch the glass top but not the floor. Tension cables make this feat of engineering possible. Design by Theodore Waddell in 1973.

These examples are but a few of the hundreds of options that can ship with a snap of our fingers. Come see us at the showroom or send an email requesting a Quick Ship catalog. Invest in quality and with our help you too can have it now. In other words, make haste and not waste.

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