Foscarini and Tetrazzini


SR Hughes is pleased to announce that we have added a new lighting line to the mix. The Italian brand Foscarini is known for its progressive work with many top designers including Tom Dixon, Rodolfo Dordoni, Karim Rashid, Ferruccio Laviani and Marc Sadler. The Foscarini identity has spread to over fifty countries due to its focus on quality of production, innovative techniques and its forward-thinking attitude in the commitment to fostering the abilities and talents of young designers.

Caboche was designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerroto in 2005. This fixture is on display in our showroom and is available in a table, wall sconce and floor versions. Two finish options are crystal and amber. It took three of our staff members to assemble this feature!

Big Bang is one of the most affordable features while possibly the most dramatic in the Foscarini line.


Marc Sadler created Twiggy in 2006. Featured in many high-end interiors, Twiggy provides elegance in white, black, red, or a yellow color. If you're in need of light from above without the trouble of putting in a suspended fixture, this lamp is an excellent option. Floating above a sofa or dining table creates drama white remaining unobtrusive.

The link above is a little movie about Foscarini. We hope it provides you with a little education and much inspiration!

And now for something wildly different:

According to The History of Poultry Dishes Luisa Tetrazzini had no earthy idea that someone had named the popular chicken casserole after her. Luisa was quite the “hot dish” herself, a premier opera singer near the turn of the 19th Century. Apparently many chefs of the day were naming their culinary creations after popular stars. Carnegie’s Carrots, George Bernard Shaw’s Slaw, Buffalo Bill’s Bison Burger, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna’s Carne Asada. The list goes on. As for Ms. Tetrazzini, her legacy lives on due to the efforts of some designer gastronomique. And that’s what it’s all about, right? Timeless design. And judging from the picture above, Luisa Tetrazzini, The Florentine nightingale, enjoyed herself quite a bit of chicken and noodles.

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