The Stephanie Odegard Collection


It is incredible to think about the origins of this piece. When once a solid block of Agra white marble, it was quarried from a site not far from one of the world’s great wonders, the Taj Mahal.

The table is a wonder in itself with intricate Jali carving. The fine art of carving marble is one of the oldest techniques demonstrating man’s ability to materialize beautiful, profound, and most often sacred works of art. Architecture has also been influenced by the ability of builders to handle the material and Odegard’s efforts are no exception.

The pictures above are of  Bandaris, small courtyard rooms made entirely of Rajasthani marble. Made by Odegard, these are truly the most incredible features of the collection. Not only are they carved by master artisans, but they are delivered with an on-site assembly team.

Now, if you don’t have room for a Bandari you can add a touch of marbled luxury with the Pine Cone Lamp. Again, this is Agra marble and a true de-“light” to see.

The traditional lines of cabriole legs are highlighted here in the Louise tables, available in coffee or dining table height. Teak underneath and clad in brass, copper, or white metal the shimmer and glimmer is glamorous while sophisticated. In the SR Hughes showroom we are currently featuring three tables, one in each finish. Upon close inspection, one can see the tiny nail heads craftspeople use to hand apply the metal plating.

A copper daybed is a masterwork to behold. Here is yet another keen example of design sophistication that can blend with traditional or contemporary styles. All of the Odegard furniture pieces are made to order so we can specify size and finish to accommodate your needs. Stephanie has teamed with some of the world’s foremost designers such as Alison Spear and Paul Mathieu to produce these incredible works of art for the home, Art for Life.

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