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Art for the Heart

February 12, 2010

Why not give a little art from the heart to your valentine?  There are plenty of great ways to do it.  One idea is Kokoro — a beautiful light sculpture from Ingo Maurer — the world-renowned wizard of light.  You can check out Kokoro and many other of Ingo’s ideas right in our showroom.  Another way is to check out his one man show from the Cooper Hewitt museum.  The catalog from the show is a book full of great photos and a series of interviews of Maurer which buoy the spirit of any person with a creative bone in his or her body.  Enjoy the scuplture simply for its warmth, its sense of humor, its beauty.  Dig deeper and read more about the story behind the MaMO Nouchies series of lights and the spirit which compels the artist.  Whatever you give your loved one this Valentine’s Day … give joyously and lovingly from your heart … and you’ll be right on the mark.

Oh Canada! The design link on the skating rink.

February 11, 2010

We’ve admired the work of Omer Arbel for quite some time. Several of his lighting and electrical designs for the Canadian company Bocci have been featured in our showroom and are beginning to grace local homes and businesses with their beauty.

Omer Arbel's 21 Series installed at Yokozuna restaurant in downtown Tulsa

The 21 Series captures the magic of light, suspended within folded pieces of a simple ceramic. This diffused light is soft and organic. Another phenomenal design from Arbel is the 14 Series. Hand-blown glass globes illuminated by tiny halogen bulbs create very dramtic displays without becoming weighty.

Though each sphere weighs over three pounds their placement and effective diffusion of light evokes feelings of weightlessness.

Arbel’s most recent design was in conjunction with artist Corrine Hunt. The 2010 Olympic medals are ingeniously designed and beautifully crafted pieces of art that speak highly of the power and quality of design from Canada.

The front of the medals display graphics reminiscent of totem poles

Though the Olympic Medals are not available at SR Hughes, we are proud to represent Bocci and the creative work of Omer Arbel.

Not so Silly to Wassily

February 5, 2010

It’s not so silly to Wassily this time of year. As part of the Knoll Classics collection, the Wassily chair is now on sale: 15% off orders through February 7th.

The Wassily chair was designed in 1925 by Marcel Breuer – a modernist master who taught at the Bauhaus and Harvard. The use of tubular steel was a big innovation in furniture design during this period. Another of our favorite architects and designers Le Corbusier made great strides with this material in his iconic LC designs. The inspiration for the chair came from the bicycle, also a supportive form of tubular steel.  I see a close link with Le Corbusier’s LC1 chair design.   Wassily’s design supports a seated body with a minimalist juxtaposition of materials: lightweight steel and straps of saddle leather.  Other Marcel Breuer designs in the Knoll Classics collection include the Laccio tables and the Cesca chairs.

The Cesca Chairs by Marcel Breuer

Laccio Tables by Marcel Breuer

Get a Piece of Mies

February 3, 2010

The Barcelona chair was designed in 1929 by the famous architect Mies van der RoheMOMA approves and so do we: this is a timeless classic. In 1948 Florence Knoll, a good friend of Mies, aquired the production rights. Offered today exclusively by Knoll, the Barcelona chair is produced to the exact specifications of the original design. The frame of Barcelona is availble in either stainless steel or chome. Each frame is hand-polished to a mirror finish. The upholstery is all hand-tufted and welted. Forty individual leather pieces (all from the same hide) make up the seat and back covers. A Knoll Studio logo and designer signature is stamped on one of the rear legs.

“Get a piece of Mies” during the Knoll Classics Sale through February 7th at SR Hughes.

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