One Great Piece


Once upon a time people saved for what they wanted, a valid if antiquated concept.  Especially for young people just starting out in their home, purchasing a few significant pieces of furniture or a rug and adding to them over time is a good plan. Too often, people are driven by price when selecting items for their interiors. They end up with rooms full of things that are flimsy, faddish, and unacceptable after a few years. Classic design, whether contemporary or traditional, is just that, classic. Taking into account a little wear, it will look as good fifty years from now as it does today. But looking good is not enough; you need superior craftsmanship and materials if your money is to be well spent. Your sofa won’t last long if it isn’t tied eight ways underneath all its sumptuous fabric. Although there is a trend today toward inexpensive throw-away style, you will be better served by stashing your money under your mattress and waiting until you can afford something timeless in design, carefully made and of the best quality.

Gear up for Knoll’s Annual Sale September 23 – October 1, 2011!

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One Response to “One Great Piece”

  1. Melissa Gandall Says:

    Elegant and beautiful, it is clear these pieces would fit in any home. I love the classic designs of the Saarinen and Platner Tables with the mix of chairs. Everything works and feels clean and warm. Such Style!


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