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Jens Risom: What is “Good Design?”

January 29, 2010

Risom has summed up his philosophy in these ways:

“Good design means that anything good will go well with other equally good things – contemporary or traditional.”

“Design is Problem Solving. Good design therefore is a good solution that satisfies many requirements.  While furniture must be attractive in appearance, the detailing, materials, execution and craftsmanship that go into the overall design must also be of a very high standard, whether the product is mass-produced or made by hand.”

“Good design” for furniture can be fun, functional, high quality, and beautiful.  It withstands the test of time.  But its really saying something when a man who designed his first chair with Knoll in 1941 is still working in the contemporary period:  he released a collection with Ralph Pucci International in 2005!  Fun, functional, high quality, beautiful, relevant?  Absolutely!  Its Good Design!

One Great Piece

January 28, 2010

Once upon a time people saved for what they wanted, a valid if antiquated concept.  Especially for young people just starting out in their home, purchasing a few significant pieces of furniture or a rug and adding to them over time is a good plan. Too often, people are driven by price when selecting items for their interiors. They end up with rooms full of things that are flimsy, faddish, and unacceptable after a few years. Classic design, whether contemporary or traditional, is just that, classic. Taking into account a little wear, it will look as good fifty years from now as it does today. But looking good is not enough; you need superior craftsmanship and materials if your money is to be well spent. Your sofa won’t last long if it isn’t tied eight ways underneath all its sumptuous fabric. Although there is a trend today toward inexpensive throw-away style, you will be better served by stashing your money under your mattress and waiting until you can afford something timeless in design, carefully made and of the best quality.

Gear up for Knoll’s Annual Sale September 23 – October 1, 2011!


January 27, 2010

Save 15% on the Knoll Classics Collection February 1st – 7th

The Knoll Classics Collection includes products designed by Harry Bertoia, Marcel Breuer, Florence Knoll, Warren Platner, Jens Risom, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Eero Saarinen.

Think about it. CLASSIC – a good investment.

The Tulip Chair

January 26, 2010

The Tulip Chair was designed in 1957 by the famed architect Eero Saarinen. The same genius that incarnated the Gateway Arch in St. Louis designed this classic modern dining chair. Exclusively produced by Knoll Studio, the Tulip chair has proven the test of time because of its intrinsic beauty and Knoll’s exacting reproduction to Saarinen’s original specifications. This piece found its way to MOMA in 1969 – truly a work of functional art. Tulip is available in White, Black, and Platinum colors. You may choose from a wide array of fabrics, upholstering the seat only or the entire inner shell. Be committed to the classics.

From Italy to Tulsa: Poltrona Frau is the Best of Leather

January 23, 2010

It was a busy day here at the showroom receiving the newly selected pieces from Poltrona Frau, world-renowned for their leather goods and quality of craftsmanship. Maserati, Ferrari, and Bugatti – these are the names most commonly associated with Poltrona Frau leather. Yep, it’s the masters at Poltrona Frau that are responsible for the best of the best in leather goods production. Bring these beauties not only into your garage, but into your home or office with the Poltrona Frau Casa and Officio products. Hand selected at the Salone di Mobile in Milano, the Polo sectional sofa, the Don’Do Rocking Chair, and the newly designed Archibald club chairs are some of our new showcase pieces at SR Hughes.

Which is softer? Miss Daisy or Polo? She's not only a lovely compliment to this color-story but our resident greeter and quality control specialist.

Archibald Chair designed by Jean-Marie Massaud and upholstered in the finest grade of Poltrona Frau Leather

The Don'do pushes the envelope of rocking chairs; also designed by Jean-Marie Massaud; the rug is Snipping by Odegard

A New Generation of Chair

January 23, 2010

Knoll Studio has just introduced this amaaaaazing new chair. One word says it all: flexibility. Now on display at the SR Hughes showroom: the Generation chair. This office chair was designed by Formway with the intent of providing end users with ergonomic support while offering adaptability to both your space (multiple finish and fabric options) and the way you want to sit (multiple functions). The back rest is made of a flexible material that adapts to the way you are using the chair; throw your arm over the back and have a conversation with your colleagues.

We’d highly recommend you visit the shop to experience this chair for yourself. See you soon!

SR Hughes Lamps Light Up Brookside

January 20, 2010

We’ve temporarily installed a lighting showcase in our front window. If your strolling by or stopping in you’ll see works of light-art by Ingo Maurer, Martha Sturdy, Kartell, Bocci, Flos, Artemide, Tobias Grau, Poltrona Frau, and Tom Dixon. SR Hughes is the destination spot for lighting of all kinds, from chandeliers to sconces, table lamps to floor lamps. Each piece has a unique function and origin. Our lighting comes from Italy, Germany, Canada, and now England. Our showroom presents some of the best designs we’ve found and come to love. Our team has an array of lighting catalogues and access to over a thousand illuminating devices. Let us help you light up your life!

Rotor Dining Table

January 20, 2010

Piero Lissoni’s Rotor dining table has arrived at the SR Hughes showroom. WOW! The contorted legs are Alice in Wonderland mysterious. This table makes me think of M.C. Escher’s wonderful optical illusions. This table is no phantom though, it’s presence is definitely profound. What a wonderful executive desk this would make. The wood is smoked chestnut. One has to be impressed by the solidity of the design and we admire the inlay top especially. The asymmetrical construction allows for 3 chair on one side and 4 on the other. End seating may be a sacrifice, but the magic of this contemporary design makes up for that in spades. This table is an architectural wonder and a key example of Cassina’s woodworking ability.

Toot! Toot!

January 19, 2010

Piero Lissoni’s new furniture for Cassina has arrived at the SR Hughes showroom. One of our favorites is Toot. Please Mr. Lissoni, toot your own horn for this one. This sofa system is absolutely incredible in its versatility; Toot can be  configured as sofa, a sofa with chaise, a bench, a large ottoman, what have you.

This new classic lounge piece seems to float on air thanks to the smartly designed base. Cassina has produced Lissoni’s design with every detail aimed at quality of construction, from the dual purpose cushions (one side allowing for an upright sit and the other a more relaxed feel) to the tailored snaps that hold the seat pads in place. The upholstery is gorgeous! We selected the finest grade of leather offered for two benches – “it’s like butta!” A cotton blend fits the sectional piece with sophistication in gray. This sofa is offered in two different depths and optional lounge cushions. We’re proud to present this contemporary masterpiece and invite you to come experience it for yourself! Don’t just see what all the buzz is about, feel it!

SR Hughes Presents AM1N

January 19, 2010

Designed by the modern master Franco Albini, AM1N is a “brilliant” addition to the SR Hughes lighting collection on display in our Brookside showroom. This is only but one of the Franco Albini designs produced by Nemo lighting. We’re highly impressed by the beauty of the opaline white glass. This lamp packs power too with a 250 Watt bulb. Nemo lighting is a division of Cassina, so we did not have to think twice about how exceptionally well crafted this piece would be. This is truly one of the most beautiful lamps in our showroom. We invite you to visit the shop and see some of the other products Nemo offers.

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