The Apotheosis of the Recliner


dodo positions 

Designed for Cassina in 2000, Toshiyuki Kita’s K10 Dodo chair is my pick for all-out Best of the Best when in comes to recliners. The Dodo chair is design perfection by way of two aspects: form and function – better, the “look” and the “feel”. In its closed position, the look is of a very well tailored club chair. Gone is the ridiculously overstuffed padding of most recliners we’ve come to know and abhor. To say this chair is streamlined may imply connotations of rigidity, so I choose the word “smart”. It’s a low profile piece of very functional art. You’ll find that, if form does indeed mirror content, the comfort of this chair has been as artfully produced and directly addressed as its chic contours.

Now for function… Swivel away, just don’t spill your drink (though upholstered in most high end Cassina fabrics or leathers, there should be no worries even if you do).  The headrest flips back if you choose. A concealed footrest appears from beneath and locks into position. The back reclines to an almost horizontal position with the push of a lever.

It’s a club chair, it’s a swivel chair, it’s a recliner. It’s a Dodo. From the book, Made in Cassina, Kita says “The formal rigor imposed by our traditional upbringing is increasingly giving way to an informal approach, which may enable human beings to move more freely.”     

Feel free to visit our showroom to take a spin, or a nap, in Dodo. Ask, and yours will be made to order at the Cassina factory just north of Milan to your specification of fabric or leather color selection.

During the CASSINA FALL SALE, September 9-23, save 20% on Dodo and tons of other fantastic designs for living.






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