Kartell, What a Wonderful World!



This year Kartell proclaimed that nobody but nobody was going to downturn their 60th birthday bash!  Partnering with Barbie in “Barbie Goes Design” signals another gal who’s going strong at 50.  The custom Louis Ghost and Lou Lou chairs sport what else but a  Barbie logo.  For the party, Barbie was displayed in several miniature environments with all the stylin Kartell furniture a gal could want!  The next night, Kartell Danced with Cinderella to launch their partnership with .normaluisa with the creation of jelly colored ballerina flats.  Finally, in honor of this year’s Euroluce, the company launched several new lamps — and the whirlwind doesn’t stop there.  There are plenty of other new products in both design/testing and production phases.  What I loved most was their Salone 2-D cutout booth which was meant to thank people the world over for the wonderful ride — and it never skipped a beat with a humorous glimmer in their eyes!  You can tell, they’re enjoying the party!  C’mon, who else can juggle sumo wrestlers, table tennis players, fourtune tellers, pole dancers, Luchadores, and waaaaay more — that’s just all I could photograph before the one Kartell buzzkill (photo police) shut me down.  Finally — look real close folks:  Philippe Starck’s slight of hand is at work again:  clear plastic bedside chests in two sizes.  I can’t wait!  If this is Kartell at 60, I say look out world — it’s only gettin better with age!

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