Outdoor Living Nothing New For Paola Lenti



The rage this year at Salone is to add outdoor lifestyle to your resume.  I can understand.  In Milan and just about anywhere I’ve ever been in Italy, outdoor living is part of the way you live.  I have to admit, Paola Lenti didn’t begin designing furniture for outdoors.  In fact, I discovered her by way of incredibly innovative felt floor coverings which incorporated industrial conveyer belt technology.  As with anything she touches, it will absolutely be built via her own innovation.  That is why I was so delighted with her collection this year.  The display moved out of Superstudio Piu in Zona Tortona (where everyone else is clamoring to be) to a serene Palazzo in the city.  A quiet oasis, this was one of my favorites of the fair.  Not only for the calm (a necessary balm during this week) but because her production uses handcraft coupled with the latest technology to give “rhythm, breath, and emotion” to the living space.  She’s been working in the outdoor milieu for several years now and count on this — she delivers forms, textiles, rugs, textures, and colors for outdoor that you will only under the name Paola Lenti.

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