Unleash the artist within

Ingo Maurer Zettel'z 6

Ingo Maurer Zettel'z 6


One of the things I love about Ingo Maurer’s light fixtures is that he often invites the end user to be a co-artist. There are so many creative ways you can accessorize the Zettel’z fixture pictured above. One Christmas I put 3×5 black and white images of my family taken during the holidays on the fixture. Guests loved walking around the fixture to see all the photos. In the SR Hughes showroom, artist Marsha Hughes has decorated our fixture with seed packets in Spring, beautiful hand cut snowflakes in the Winter and of course hearts for Valentines Day.

There was great article in the NY Times last Sunday about Ingo’s Zettel’z  fixture and how one co-designer loved adding a creative personal touch. http://www.nytimes.com/indexes/2009/04/19/style/t/index.html#pageName=19colman

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