Millione to the Salone!




The influx of experience that happens anytime I travel really was (is) buzzing my brain!  So much to see, do, smell, taste, experience!  Its all around you in what you see, how you get from here to there.  From Palazzo to fairgrounds.  Cartoon trucks to slick black limos.  Day and night.  Business and party.  During the while a certain similarity kept reassuring me:  Pairs of Chairs!

5 Responses to “Millione to the Salone!”

  1. Smarty Says:

    Loved the photos.

  2. janis bevers Says:

    I want to go to Italy with you badddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. janis bevers Says:

    The collections look great especially the Georgetti dining table!

    • brianhughes Says:

      That dining table series is truly special … and that new desk … only Giorgetti could pull it off! Thanks for the good vibe Janis! Now, how do we get some of this beautiful booty back to Tulsa???


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