Italian Adventure


ingoumbrellas2I’m boarding a plane headed for Milan!  Its time for  Salone Internazionale del Mobile .   Whenever this trip comes up in conversation, my friends tell me I’m lucky to have this chance.  Don’t I know it!  I get the chance every other year to take this plunge.  Travel is something I live for!  The way Vicente Wolf describes it in his book Crossing Boundaries:  travel changes the way he sees — his focus broadens, what he notices is different not simply for his being in a different place, but for altering his state of mind … the way he takes in his surroundings.  I couldn’t agree more!  It creates a rare opportunity.  Food, language, history, design, artistry … its all boiling over this one crazy week in Milan!  Join me here daily as I bring you details of the trip!

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One Response to “Italian Adventure”

  1. Your Mother Says:

    Have a great time and I look forward to further installments. Is Mr. Spindles with you? At least he wouldn’t eat much.


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