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Kartell, What a Wonderful World!

April 27, 2009


This year Kartell proclaimed that nobody but nobody was going to downturn their 60th birthday bash!  Partnering with Barbie in “Barbie Goes Design” signals another gal who’s going strong at 50.  The custom Louis Ghost and Lou Lou chairs sport what else but a  Barbie logo.  For the party, Barbie was displayed in several miniature environments with all the stylin Kartell furniture a gal could want!  The next night, Kartell Danced with Cinderella to launch their partnership with .normaluisa with the creation of jelly colored ballerina flats.  Finally, in honor of this year’s Euroluce, the company launched several new lamps — and the whirlwind doesn’t stop there.  There are plenty of other new products in both design/testing and production phases.  What I loved most was their Salone 2-D cutout booth which was meant to thank people the world over for the wonderful ride — and it never skipped a beat with a humorous glimmer in their eyes!  You can tell, they’re enjoying the party!  C’mon, who else can juggle sumo wrestlers, table tennis players, fourtune tellers, pole dancers, Luchadores, and waaaaay more — that’s just all I could photograph before the one Kartell buzzkill (photo police) shut me down.  Finally — look real close folks:  Philippe Starck’s slight of hand is at work again:  clear plastic bedside chests in two sizes.  I can’t wait!  If this is Kartell at 60, I say look out world — it’s only gettin better with age!

Giorgetti Lifestyle

April 27, 2009


Giorgetti is once again a standout during the International Milan Furniture Show in 2009.  The pavillion displays an inspiring example of refined comfort and precision with the unmistakable Giorgetti soul.  There are references to the past:  re-interpretations of existing designs as in Mosca’s Progetti chairs or Pascia sofa.  Quiet elegance abounds in the bedroom, dressing, and closet space all from Chi Wing Lo.  And finally, desks emerge from the solid foundation Massimo Scolari’s Zeno design some 15 years ago to the amazing Erasmo desk today.  Truly, Giorgetti shows attention to detail, luxury, and quality like no other.

Richard Ginori @ Taste Lounge Milano

April 27, 2009


Amidst all the hustle and bustle in the Zona Tortona, we entered this incredible space for a little R&R en route from here to there.  Check out the lounge:  kick back on a sofa and grab one of the littany of design-fashion-lifestyle magazines (hanging above your head) from all over the world.  The scale of the factory is able to showcase the Richard Ginori 1735 porcelain history without overwhelming … it seems fresh, energetic.  You’re invited to journey through italy via your stomach (yes!!!) via Taste — a special restaurant here during the fair.  Grab a quick Prosecco, a quick seat on a stool, and look around … amazing!

Outdoor Living Nothing New For Paola Lenti

April 26, 2009


The rage this year at Salone is to add outdoor lifestyle to your resume.  I can understand.  In Milan and just about anywhere I’ve ever been in Italy, outdoor living is part of the way you live.  I have to admit, Paola Lenti didn’t begin designing furniture for outdoors.  In fact, I discovered her by way of incredibly innovative felt floor coverings which incorporated industrial conveyer belt technology.  As with anything she touches, it will absolutely be built via her own innovation.  That is why I was so delighted with her collection this year.  The display moved out of Superstudio Piu in Zona Tortona (where everyone else is clamoring to be) to a serene Palazzo in the city.  A quiet oasis, this was one of my favorites of the fair.  Not only for the calm (a necessary balm during this week) but because her production uses handcraft coupled with the latest technology to give “rhythm, breath, and emotion” to the living space.  She’s been working in the outdoor milieu for several years now and count on this — she delivers forms, textiles, rugs, textures, and colors for outdoor that you will only under the name Paola Lenti.

Cassina a Subtle Delight

April 26, 2009


Cassina:  Hosted off-site at the Milano Design Village in Zona Tortona at an old warehouse now used to stage events and fashion shows.  Cassina brought friends, as  the entire Poltrona Frau Group exhibited under one roof for an elegant, energetic display.  As usual, PF Group was a darling of the week, garnering plenty of attention.  From and exclusive, happening preview party to laying down innovative ideas you were served a complete Italian meal:  simple, distilled down to its essence, and fresh.  For Cassina,  Piero Lissoni designed Toot, Rotor, Naan, Eve, and Radar – all names that read the same backwards because these incredibly simple forms are all quiet puzzles meant to be used for pleasure and in the “palindromic” way, also the other way around.

Unleash the artist within

April 25, 2009
Ingo Maurer Zettel'z 6

Ingo Maurer Zettel'z 6


One of the things I love about Ingo Maurer’s light fixtures is that he often invites the end user to be a co-artist. There are so many creative ways you can accessorize the Zettel’z fixture pictured above. One Christmas I put 3×5 black and white images of my family taken during the holidays on the fixture. Guests loved walking around the fixture to see all the photos. In the SR Hughes showroom, artist Marsha Hughes has decorated our fixture with seed packets in Spring, beautiful hand cut snowflakes in the Winter and of course hearts for Valentines Day.

There was great article in the NY Times last Sunday about Ingo’s Zettel’z  fixture and how one co-designer loved adding a creative personal touch.

Spindles Arrives in Milano. Considers Movie Deal.

April 24, 2009

Mr. Spindles has arrived triumphantly in Milano! He met a movie producer on the airplane that wants to tell his story. We can’t tell you much about the plot…James Bond kind of stuff.

Spindles… Mr. Spindles.


Millione to the Salone!

April 24, 2009



The influx of experience that happens anytime I travel really was (is) buzzing my brain!  So much to see, do, smell, taste, experience!  Its all around you in what you see, how you get from here to there.  From Palazzo to fairgrounds.  Cartoon trucks to slick black limos.  Day and night.  Business and party.  During the while a certain similarity kept reassuring me:  Pairs of Chairs!

Mr. Spindles Arrives at American Embassy

April 23, 2009

The SR Hughes command center is pleased to announce that Mr. Spindles has made it to the American Embassy! There still may be time to board a flight out of this primordial swampland. After Spindles receives his new passport photo, he must catch a cab to the Galapagos International Airport. Fly Spindles! Fly!


Spindles Encounters Ancient Traveling Mystic

April 23, 2009

Following Mr. Spindles’ close-call with the elephants, and after an amicable afternoon tea with Mr. Colbert, Spindles happens upon another wayward traveler. It is the ancient Chinese philosopher and mystic Lao Tzu! 

“Remember Spindles, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” said Lao Tzu.

Spindles had a question or two. For instance, how did Lao Tzu come to be living in Galapagos? And considering that Lao Tzu was born nearly 2600 years ago, how was he even still living?

“No time to delay!” said Lao Tzu. “Follow me to the American Embassy!!!”


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